Borges Logistics Becomes the First Innovator to Automate Trucking and Logistics

The trucking industry has grown multiple folds in the last few years. With new businesses entering the industry every day, the competition has grown too. Established and experienced trucking businesses have minimal issues in terms of growth, whereas new trucking businesses can find it overwhelming to earn the trust of the customers and grow their businesses.

With the development in technology, the potential to grow a business is immense and Borges Logistics has utilized this technology to help multiple trucking businesses grow from scratch.

Charles Brito, the CEO of Borges Logistics, has enabled multiple trucking companies to start afresh and grow up to operating over 100 trucks within the span of a year. Charles has utilized his experience, knowledge, and sales skills along with innovative processes, transportation intelligence, and technology to uplift many trucking businesses.

Borges Logistics has created many automated systems and processes and has become the first innovator in the world to automate trucking and logistics.

Along with assisting trucking companies in expanding, Charles Brito will begin taking courses for young entrepreneurs and investors and mentoring them to help them in replicating the process of automating trucking. He wished to motivate them to start their own businesses or make passive income investments in multiple ways within the transportation industry.

Being a dedicated worker, Charles has managed about 30 employees and over 100 trucks per company for many trucking businesses along with developing and managing Borges Logistics as the Director of Operations and Business Developer.

Although, it has not been easy for Charles Brito and there have been significant financial crises and challenges that have come his way. A few of which are the 2008 financial collapse and the 2019 Covid pandemic. Charles has stood strong amidst the worst years of the transportation industry. Not just this, Borges Logistics has helped people in times of natural disasters — including the 2012 Hurricane Sandy, 2017 Hurricane Harvey, and 2021 Tornado outbreak — by transporting food, medicine, and other essential supplements to thousands of Americans.

In such difficult times of crisis, Charles Brito led large-scale trucking companies by cutting down on costs and essentially focusing on revenue.

Charles believes that discipline and determination are extremely essential in order to achieve success in any business. He says that it was after eight years in the trucking business that he began to see results on a large scale and hence, people shouldn’t expect success in the first few years of starting a business since they are the learning years.

Charles Brito aims to reach his full potential as an entrepreneur by owning multiple businesses in different fields, along with growing Borges Logistics to 500 trucks, like e-commerce, real estate, truck and trailer sales, and even forex day trading.

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