10 Companies To Know And Follow In 2022

  1. Rootless Clothing

By harnessing the strength and versatility of mother earth, Rootless Clothing has already built itself a foundational forest of cutting-edge apparel that serves a passionate demographic of functional fashion, and they’re just getting started. Based out of Germany, the concept of Rootless was established as early as 2012 when Thorsten Weingaertner, founder and CEO, united a love for the outdoors and stylish utility through an existing camper manufacturing brand. Rootless embodies the formidable force of nature through sleek design and athletic, wearable garments that drive an unconventional lifestyle peppered with adventure and a little bit of attitude. Their debut collection, “Rules Breed Rebels”, defines a new millennium of urban wear, sporting a monochromatic swath of essential pieces that work well on the stage, street, or in the mountains. Along with compelling threadwork, Rootless supplies striking gear like gym bags, watches, and even shoes, to support the next conquest. As a reflection of their namesake, Rootless is laying tracks to introduce NFTs and a digital collection to their catalog, fully embracing the vagabond grit of writing your own story. Rootless aims to champion freedom seekers who inhabit unique quarters of society, driven by a passion for fashion and a need to defy archaic systems. If you’re ready to run wild, sign up for roll call to be notified when they officially go live, slated for the end of May.

  1. Reality Center


Have you ever considered your own voice and the frequencies it generates to be a diagnostic tool? According to Santa Monica-based therapy outfit, Reality Center, your voice is a reflection of how you’re feeling and thinking at any given moment and those tonal vibrations support a complexity of brain activity that deserves as much attention as we give to other aspects of our emotional and physical wellness. Founded in January of this year, Reality Center is pioneering a new frontier of sensory wellness you won’t find anywhere else, offering unique and vital services like vibration therapy, vocal analysis, and sensory recharge. This innovative company is leading the way in digital psychedelics, or “technodelics”, and their novel approach is for those who want to achieve new levels of consciousness without the use of pharmaceuticals or illicit drugs. The founding team of Reality Center is composed of seasoned professionals from both the research software and hardware industries, amassing three decades of combined experience in the field. The dynamic services offered by Reality Center are particularly suitable for veterans who may be struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Jonathan Chia, one of the four co-founders of Reality Center, is himself a combat infantry veteran of wartime service in Iraq and has experienced unrivaled success in presenting these therapies to fellow veterans. Since 2009, he has helped to establish multiple alternative therapy nonprofits and for-profits to help veterans to better navigate their Post-Traumatic Stress toward Post-Traumatic Growth. However, he feels the work of Reality Center is likely to have the broadest impact. With a flagship center in Santa Monica, Reality Center also offers Group Sensory Therapy Sessions for social functions or company events, along with their technology being readily available for purchase to sustain your senses from the comforts of home. Presently, Reality Center is shifting perceptions of wellness with breakthrough strategies that aid in the improvement of our consciousness, and with this labor of light at the helm, our realities are looking a whole lot brighter.

  1. RX Water

RX Water is in the business of hydration, and with their ultra-quenching line of wellness beverages in tow, thirsting for clean water will be the least of your worries this Summer. Launched in the Coachella Valley in 2017, RX Water has expertly achieved the seemingly simple task of supplying premium drinking water that is entirely free of sodium, fluoride, and other harmful additives but pumped with essential minerals that are vital to daily wellness support. This performance-based brand has made its mark in countless corners of fitness, serving as the official beverage for the World Boxing Council, the Flag Football World Championship Tour, and Team USA’s own Boxing and Olympic athletes. Additionally, RX Water was an official sponsor for New York Fashion Week in 2019, along with their partnership with the PowerUp Academy in 2020 to tackle the issues surrounding mental health and wellness in youth. RX Water is dedicated to a lifestyle of healthy habits and transparency as clear as the water we drink, and they are actively making strides to redefine our priorities so that quality hydration takes center stage. As the company explains in its mission and values, top-shelf nutrition and sustainable communities are the beating heart of a progressive society, and RX Water has quickly made space for better choices and expansive growth in the wellness markets. Presently, RX Water offers four different sizes for their beverages along with a reusable container in addition to a premium B12 shot, but it’s no secret that this is just the beginning of a wet renaissance. We’re all athletes in this game of life, and pro-players deserve only the best hydration in their winning circles.


  1. Whatskin

Launched in the Spring of 2021, Whatskin brings the future of skincare to your fingertips through their ultra-centralized mobile app that serves as your in-house esthetician, at the ready for counsel and streamlined communication. The concept behind Whatskin arrived at the union between skincare professionals and a European skin test company that provided a convenient method of testing your skin type in the comforts of home. Together, Whatskin developed into a one-stop shop for all things skincare, allowing users to identify their unique external anatomy and the correct products to enhance the health of their skin. Based in greater Chicago, Whatskin has pioneered the way we understand and support our body’s most important organ through expert advice driven by professional estheticians who are passionate about good products that produce good results. The app is beautifully designed and easy to navigate, only asking users to fill out a supporting questionnaire and snap a couple of selfies before getting to the good stuff. Finding the right skincare products has never felt faster, locating your best choices within minutes. Whatskin takes self-care into the scientific quarters, building off years of research and evidence-based experience to craft their dynamic system. The app omits the guesswork so you can focus on treating your skin properly and with confidence, knowing you’ve got a personal voice leading you in the right direction with just one tap on your smartphone.

  1. Costa Blanca Designs

Born from a love for creativity sprinkled with sea breeze, Costa Blanca Designs deals in one-of-a-kind treasures that are highly intentional in their craftsmanship and reflect an idyllic sense of wonder as unique as a high-tide haul of seashells…you never know what you might discover. Founded by Missy White in November of 2020, this mother-owned and operated jewelry studio creates whimsical pieces that are thought-provoking and rarities in their own right––no two pieces are alike or duplicated, and White takes pride in her small-batch, made to order approach with each design, reflecting the curiosities of her native coastlines and appreciation for self-expression. All Costa Blanca designs work with genuine gemstones, however, more recently White has introduced other ornate staples like glass, vinyl heishi beads, and cubic zirconia, always open to custom orders or requests. What truly sets Costa Blanca apart from other creative studios is White’s candid energy in her work, which drives the captivating allure of each piece in a way that’s honest, fresh, and playful to the core. In the true spirit of artistry, White is able to pivot her process with each piece in order to shine a new light on every stone, allowing your next embellishment to immortalize your most precious memories like the pearl of an oyster bed, remarkably rare and deeply personal.

  1. Annex Cocktail Lounge


Few restaurants can step over the threshold of fine dining and enter a realm of experience-driven food and beverage with grace and contagious panache. Such is the case with the Annex Cocktail Lounge, a standout staple located in Flagstaff, AZ that has expertly brewed a formula for success that redefines the service industry entirely. Opened in 2010, The Annex started off as an extension of the Tinderbox Kitchen, located just north of the lounge and operated by the restaurant brigade, THAT Place Projects Hospitality Group. The lounge was intended to serve as an upscale foyer area as guests waited for their turn at the coveted Tinderbox, but The Annex rapidly generated its own following and became a local success story seemingly overnight. Specializing in creative cocktails driven by an opulent bar program, The Annex deals in exceptional fare paired with libations that become a core memory for all who imbibe. THAT Place Hospitality excels in revolutionizing the restaurant experience by placing elements of entertainment and thought-provoking design at the helm of their execution, and The Annex certainly comes in clutch with this regard. In 2018, the lounge was recognized by Restaurant Hospitality Magazine, given the “Best Cocktail of 2018” award under the direction of Nick Williams, the Chief Restaurant Operations Officer for THAT Place Hospitality. For The Annex, innovation is key, and the food and drink components are only one fraction of the puzzle as this formidable force in fine dining leads a new era of comfort full of creativity and surprises at every turn.

  1. Pink Miracle

For over 30 years, the SoCal shoe cleaner, Pink Miracle, has remained the gold standard for sneakerheads and general footwear hygiene worldwide, offering a decades-old formula that continues to keep your kicks fresh and clean. Beginning in 1985 in the open-air markets around Southern California, Pink Miracle is now painting the digital domains with a hefty online presence and a unique partnership with Kenny Brooks, the comedian-turned-salesman who puts the ‘fun’ in functional footwear. The secret of Pink Miracle’s success is their original concentrate––a little goes a long way! Their shoe cleaner tackles even the toughest of stains on all kinds of surfaces, from boots and sandals to Nike and other streetwear. Each bottle contains 100 cleans, lasting for years and keeping your favorite shoes looking brand new. To top it off, each bottle comes with a bristle brush to scrub the grime from your kicks. The best part about Pink Miracle is its durability as a family-owned operation, surviving and climbing decades of growth. While the rest of the world seems to go through several transformations every year, Pink Miracle has remained the trusty shoe cleaner we all know and love. If you’re new to the game, it’s probably high time you give your footwear a little TLC, and stay in-the-know about this magic in a bottle that has been a household secret for decades.

  1. Planet Hermit

Officially launched in September of 2020, Planet Hermit is the light bending movement by healer and pathmaker, Sterling Wright, also known as Jermayne, that seeks to assist individuals on their unique journeys in navigating life’s ever-evolving chapters through compelling online services. Drawing from his own experiences, Wright is a harbinger of light that pulls from his background in spiritual psychology to introduce truth seekers to an expansive way of life, dealing in consultation, intuitive readings, and visual arts. Planet Hermit serves as a digital resource for people with questions, built around a free-thinking forum and a marketplace for understanding the tender subject matter. As a guide, Wright believes we all deserve the opportunity to shine even in our darkest days, seeking to foster a safe environment for collective healing and personal growth in a way that’s honest, transparent, and tailored for each individual. The name is pulled from the ‘Hermit’ card in tarot decks, which, traditionally, represents knowledge and healing. It also points to the critical transformations in self-care and the infinite of our development when we prioritize gentle discovery, undisturbed from the outside world. Planet Hermit is quickly redefining the ways we find the light, offering a special coat of color to any and all who crave authenticity in their journeys. The mind is limitless, and Planet Hermit is here to help you navigate the frontiers of the future with kindness, observation, and the glow of good intentions.

  1. AmeriDown

Based out of La Crosse, WI, AmeriDown deals in luxury bedding without the high-rolling price tag. Tracing their roots in textiles as far back as 1911, this family-run powerhouse prioritizes premium grade comforters and pillows along with sheets, duvet covers, and other essential textiles for the home space, placing quality and comfort at the helm of their operations, second to none. All of their down is certified to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) and crafted ethically, sustainably, and with goose or duck down feathers for optimal refinement. Additionally, the company offers down alternative comforters that come in three levels of warmth, appropriate for any and all seasons, year-round. AmeriDown breathes authenticity in its practice, for every product is lovingly crafted in Wisconsin and sold directly to consumers, omitting the hassle of a middleman and securing reliable relationships that sustain for generations. This homegrown dream works exclusively with 100% cotton, and all of their comforters are proudly stitched on the homefront. AmeriDown is your best-kept secret when it comes to bedding with purpose, allowing you the freedom to express unique design with the gold standard in comfort levels. With AmeriDown in-house, you’ll rest easy counting sheep and not counting your coins.

  1. Visionary Manufacturing

Launched in 2016 and based in Las Vegas, NV, Visionary Manufacturing is a flick-of-the-whip one-stop shop for the creative entrepreneur, providing branding merchandise services that are fully customizable and efficient so you can focus on the business and not the burnout. Part of the perk of working with Visionary Manufacturing is gaining access to an exclusive label that does it all for you. Their process eliminates the hassle of sourcing multiple different vendors across an array of platforms by funneling the entire relationship into one streamlined effort. Clients are simply requested to fill out a detail-oriented form that checks all the boxes to make sure you’re getting exactly what you imagine for your brand development, music projects, sportsmanship, or creative endeavors. While Visionary Manufacturing targets streetwear and athletic apparel in their design aesthetics, the operation is open and willing to accommodate a variety of styles and cultures that speak to your brand and your audience. In short, the sky’s the limit, and all you have to do is call the shots. Because they offer a robust personalization toolbox, pricing is quoted based on the desired details, resulting in premium quality merchandise at competitive rates you likely won’t find anywhere else. Having already dressed the likes of pro-boxer Jake Paul and his team, Visionary Manufacturing outfits the best of the business and beyond, guaranteed to captivate and inspire spectators and followers alike.

Written in partnership with Ascend