Inside Nick Hornby’s “Still and Still Moving” Exhibit At Wynn Fine Art Gallery Palm Beach

Photo Credit: Shawn Hood; courtesy of Wynn Fine Art

With its new gallery exhibition “Still and Still Moving,” Wynn Fine Art brings the work of acclaimed British sculptor Nick Hornby to Palm Beach.

Currently on exhibition at Wynn Fine Art Gallery—founded by Palm Beach resident Steve Wynn, the prominent real estate mogul and art collector known for developing the Wynn, Bellagio, Encore, and Mirage hotels in Las Vegas — “Still and Still Moving” features seven original sculptures by Hornby surrounded by works by several of the masters that have inspired his illustrious career; namely, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Fernand Léger.

“It’s very exciting to bring Nick Hornby, who is a British national treasure, to the United States for his first gallery show in Palm Beach. And it’s even better to have him alongside museum-quality works by the artists who inspire him,” says Nick Hissom, VP of Sales for Wynn Fine Art and co-curator of the exhibition.

While the artist is most recognized for his monumental site-specific works where he uniquely combines digital technology with traditional materials such as bronze, steel, granite, and marble, “Still and Still Moving” offers guests a more intimate, up-close look at Hornby’s creations. Circling each sculpture, the viewer/collector can study it from varying perspectives and in doing so, discover and experience ever-changing faces and fascinating optical illusions in every piece.

One of Hornby’s marble sculptures stands on a pedestal, while a 1950’s ink on paper portrait by Matisse hangs on the nearby wall.

Photo Credit: Shawn Hood; courtesy of Wynn Fine Art

“Nick Hornby created these multifaceted structures that have profiles of historical figures facing at every 30 degrees,” explains co-curator Kameron Ramirez. “He’s almost like a Cubist sculptor. Picasso, who created Cubism, was a big inspiration for Hornby, as were Matisse and Léger. So we’ve incorporated 1950s pieces by those artists on the walls of the gallery to tie it all in.”

Artist Nick Hornby

Photo Credit: Toby Coulson; courtesy of Wynn Fine Art

A 1950s ceramic by Fernand Léger accompanied by a colorful resin sculpture by Nick Hornby.

Photo Credit: Shawn Hood; courtesy of Wynn Fine Art

“Still and Still Moving” showcases Nick Hornby’s sculpture alongside works by the masters who inspired him most.

Photo Credit: Shawn Hood; courtesy of Wynn Fine Art

“Still and Still Moving” is on exhibition through June 1st and is available for viewing and purchasing by appointment only.
Wynn Fine Art is located at The Esplanade, 150 Worth Avenue, Suite 224, Palm Beach. For further information, visit the website, here.