Triumph Above Everything: How Star Attorney John Leon Became The Secret Weapon Of Corporate Power Players

Who do you turn to when everything is on the line?

From a young age, John Leon always possessed the ability to influence and define outcomes. A man who has earned a superior reputation within the legal profession, his skill set and unparalleled effectiveness are the products of an insatiable hunger; The drive to achieve professional mastery, and to win at all costs. Defeat is simply not an option for Mr. Leon, it has never been.

He is certainly not your average attorney. His litigation style is unlike anything people would expect; A commanding concoction of intellectual dexterity, inexhaustible drive, fearless determination, and a deep personal commitment to achieving victory, regardless of the complexity of the matter at hand.

The business world has become increasingly complex. With a myriad of risks and potential pitfalls lurking around the corner at any given moment, individuals, entrepreneurs, shareholders, public figures, and major corporations alike oftentimes find themselves becoming befuddled upon facing confusing, conflictive, harmful, or even potentially destructive legal challenges; In this day and age, trust is a scarce commodity, it seems like everyone is out to get you.

When the stakes are high and the pressure is on, executives and impresarios simply cannot afford to make any mistakes and one of the most common errors in judgment is selecting the wrong legal counsel; As a matter of fact, a tenacious and virtuous lawyer is without a doubt one of the most valuable assets for any organization that strives to achieve expansion and consolidation.

The problem is that not every lawyer is an asset, most of them are in fact, liabilities.

Why? The answer is simple, many attorneys are complacent, self-centered, overpriced, or simply incapable to put up the right fight and go the distance.

John Leon is most certainly a different breed; He is the legal equivalent of an undisputed heavyweight boxing champion, and his track record speaks for itself.

“As a rule, giving up isn’t in my DNA. I thrive on challenges so being driven comes naturally to me. And you need that to win.” -Mr. Leon affirms.

His reputation precedes him, so much so that very few opposing counsels even dare to face him in court. His aggressive, relentless, and zealous litigation style is unlike any other out there. He stands behind his uncanny ability to obtain favorable outcomes for his clients, he believes in himself and in his team, and knows exactly how to secure outcomes that other lawyers deem “impossible”.

John´s firm has set the new gold standard by proactively providing effective and reliable strategic guidance to clients facing crisis management emergencies, complex corporate and healthcare litigation matters, transaction affairs including, but not limited to corporate acquisitions, asset and liability transfers, employment, business and management contracts and multiple crucial legal matters such as contract disputes and uniform commercial code matters, to name a few.

But perhaps the most important aspects to consider when deciding who the right lawyer will be are compatibility and reliability. Most people simply do not want to find themselves involved in a litigation process and that’s when fear sets in, in that moment, doubt and insecurity rear their ugly heads and knock otherwise pragmatic business people out of balance.

If that happens, the outcome of any important legal matter is compromised.

John Leon has built a nationally recognized and widely respected practice by becoming the fighter that gets inside the proverbial ring and knocks out his clients’ adversaries in a righteous way; It’s just who he is, it’s in his blood. He lives and breathes litigation and as with any discipline, mastery becomes an inevitable outcome when passion, skill, and unwavering determination come together – in John´s case winning is his life’s mission – this is a fact that cannot be disputed.

Mr. Leon´s two decades as a litigator have seen him take on Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies in a vigorous manner. He has won thousands of lawsuits, and this is possibly the most important thing to keep in mind: when you hire a lawyer, you need him to win. The right lawyers can win but the best lawyers will make sure that each victory is irrefutable and all-encompassing.

If and when the time comes when your business and reputation come under fire, you must make the right choice.

There’s A reason why John Leon has become a household name and it’s not just because of his multiple professional accolades, it’s also because he is the type of guy that fights until the end and wins in a decisive and powerful manner.

Written in partnership with Tedfuel