Luxury Spanish Supercar Brand Hispano Suiza Made History Alongside Braman Miami

Hispano Suiza added to its already rich history this week with the help of esteemed auto dealer, Braman Miami.

This Wednesday, famed supercar collector Michael Fux was able to fulfill a long-awaited dream thanks to a magical ceremony held at the Braman Miami dealership along with Hispano Suiza.

Hispano Suiza is a Spanish Luxury Auto maker founded in 1904 in Barcelona. Their hyper-luxury electric cars do not only distinguish themselves through their one of a kind aesthetic, but particularly through their meticulous engineering. Hispano Suiza draws upon a rich family legacy that is inherently intertwined in the company’s history and success.

Company CEO, Sergio Martinez Campos was in Miami this week along with a few team members and engineers to present a one of one edition of their famed ‘Carmen’ automobile to Michael Fux. This car was historic for all involved as it was the first time the renowned Spanish automaker has sold one of their works of art on American soil.

Photo Credit: Serena Krentsel

“Today is the first time we present a car in the USA,” says Sergio. “This is an important moment in the history of Hispano Suiza as it is the first time we introduce our brand to the United States. This is a dream come true for us. This occasion allows us to explain our vision of Hispano Suiza to a completely new audience.”

The one of a kind car presented on Wednesday was originally commissioned by Michael back in 2020. The collector traveled to the Hispano Suiza factory in Barcelona and explained his vision for his dream car to the design and engineer teams. Michael notoriously has a habit of commissioning his cars in purple. For this Hispano Suiza iteration, the collector had gorgeous purple flowers delivered to the Hispano Suiza team in order for them to grasp the exact shade he had in mind. Incredibly, the design team was able to extract the color from the flowers and used it to replicate the gorgeous hue in Michael’s car today.

Photo Credit: Serena Krentsel

From the color, to the rims, to the interior of the car, every single detail was meticulously discussed and hand-picked from Michael himself. As unique as the car presented this week is, Sergio reveals that the process and experience clients have when helping design their Hispano Suiza dream car is not so different from Michael’s story.

“The average Hispano Suiza driver is more than a driver, they are a dreamer. To have an Hispano Suiza car is a lifestyle, it’s so much more than a car. We manufacture our cars in the same way we did back in 1904, when Hispano Suiza was founded, in order to ensure the car is completely taller made, from the rims to the interior to the color for the customer,” added Sergio.