The Sometimes Island; A Story Of Uncertainty, Heartbreak, And Rebirth

The Sometimes Islands are sometimes visible and submerged islands belonging to Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. Whenever mother nature permits, the islands appear or disappear. In some cases, during drought, they may even become a peninsula.

Matt Blankenship Jr, the lead singer of The Sometimes Island, chose the namesake in honor of these elusive islands. Fittingly enough, these islands mirror his journey and that of the band itself in a myriad of ways.

After the release of the “Bad People ” EP in 2017, it’s as if the band, like the islands, submerged only to resurface with the 2019 release of “Phantom Limb” which helped the musicians see some of its first mainstream success on the radio charts. A flood of music followed alongside more accolades like landing its 2021 single “Acapulco” in the Top 100 iTunes Pop charts and its 2022 EP release “Beverly and Barbara” at the number two spot, ahead of international superstars like Billie Eilish. The EP was also welcomed by day one stream numbers around the two million mark.

The band’s recent project “Beverly and Barbara” which was released on February 1st, shows tremendous growth with their perseverance even more apparent.

The project begins on a somber yet optimistic note with “Beverly and Barbara Do LA” setting the stage for a story about the struggles and impending perils of not taking one’s mental health seriously. Blankenship Jr’s encounters with a former relationship are obvious in the storytelling of this journey. All the makings of an emotional ride are present in this project; heartbreak, redemption, escape, and even suicide.

On November 13th, the band headlined the famed Troubadour in West Hollywood, playing some of the new singles for a sold-out crowd to a rapturous response. Joined by Nick Lopiano on drums and brother Travis Blankenship on keys, Blankenship Jr, can be sure that like the islands they are named after, even during tough times or drought, one’s mental health can go from feeling like we’re on an island to becoming a peninsula when we’re joined by those who support and love us most.

“Beverly and Barbara” is out on all platforms now. You can keep up with the band on their Instagram and website for all tour dates and new music.

Written in partnership with The Sometimes Island