10 Essential Products You Need in 2022

1. Niupipo Pickleball

If you’ve considered picking up pickleball, the paddles and balls by Niupipo are a great place to start. This expert team of enthusiasts have delivered bulletproof equipment for decades and supply the courts with USA Pickleball approved tools carried by all of the pros! Their paddles are made with fiberglass or graphite, depending on the model, and were co-developed by pickleball pro-athletes, Frank Anthony Davis, Jack Foster, and Niupipo. Each paddle is designed with a honeycomb cell interior, which provides more durable elasticity and stronger strikes during the game. The handles are thoughtfully crafted with comfort and control in mind and make for an elevated experience both on and off the courts. Within the industry, Niupipo is the standard, and it’s easy to understand why. Not only do their paddles and pickleballs see more action than Wii Sports, but wielding their weapons places you amongst the champions and offers a supportive community that’s equally devoted and they are destined for victory. If you’re late to the game, don’t sweat! Pickleball is striking with the same momentum as rock climbing and kickball, and there’s never been a better time to work on your swing.

2. Mixhers

Women empowerment can often feel like a buzzword, especially when so many brands and businesses turn female growth into a trendy marketing trope. The real champions are the women creating space and community for other women, kind of like how the girls at Mixhers are correcting the narratives surrounding women’s health and nutrition by supplying dynamic supplements that put others to shame. Based in Utah, this women-led force of feminine strength is a powerhouse on the brink of a renaissance, introducing a range of all-natural drink supplements that support healthy menstrual cycles and get people talking about the tender subject. After witnessing explosive success with their PMS support, “Hertime”, the team at Mixhers continued to roll out signature supplements that bubble with essentials like maca, Chinese licorice, and kelp leaf, among others. Perfect for on-the-go Monday’s or Saturday night “Mixher Mocktails”, the women at Mixhers have built a robust community of support by opening the discussion to include all women, all backgrounds, all struggles, mixed together. Since their founding in 2019, Mixhers has partnered with LOLA, the period subscription service, BootayBag, Allison Holker, and launched a podcast, “It’s Hertime”, which currently sparkles in the top 2% of podcasts. With plenty of new developments brewing, the success of Mixhers and the women they support is no real secret, just something in the water.

3. Scoria

Beginning in 2017, Yara Kamal set out to “rewild” her inner child and introduce a new dose of creative growth to an adult market preoccupied with career climbing and the day-to-day work grind. With her Cork Yoga Mats and ecologically savvy accessories in tow, Kamal made it her mission to reward the dreamers and playful thinkers who stood upward of 18, focusing on self-improvement through physical fitness with added fun. The cork mats of Scoria Worldwide are made of 100% tree rubber, a naturally occurring material that is antimicrobial (no germs or mildew), allows for a sturdy grip, and regenerates trees through a stripping method, similar to exfoliating our own layers of dead skin. The cork mats save 3600 glasses of water compared to your typical PVC mat, and their durability far exceeds the status quo. With every purchase of a Scoria mat, a portion of the proceeds are given to play-based education for Indigenous youth, and some of the mats are ornately designed with earth-flattering illustrations and landscapes to inspire more adventure on and off the mat. No matter your skill level, Scoria offers an array of sizes, lengths, and styles to complement your playful side, whether it’s hot yoga, gentle movement, morning stretches, or arts and crafts on the living room floor. Scoria teaches us to remember what used to be good, to honor the inner child in all of us, and to work towards a healthier, stronger relationship with our communities. Next time you roll out the mat, awaken your creative sparks for a change. You’ll have all the support you need right beneath your feet.

4. Sienna Co.

Australian nail artisans, Sienna, extract the lush canopies of color from their native Byron Bay on the Eastern shorelines, lending to a brigade of vegan, clean, and candidly green nail polish that unites sustainable justice with startling cuticle beauty. Danielle Egan, the founder of Sienna, began formulating nail polish in her own home in 2014 to reflect her own ethos of responsibility. After a streak of successful markets, it was crystal clear that Sienna was bound to paint our world a brighter shade of blue, green, onyx, brown, and every other hue that radiates from Byron Bay. The formulas for Sienna polish are 100% plant-based and made of real, tangible ingredients, like cassava root and corn. Sienna stands as the world’s only polish free of microplastics, aluminum, and nano-particles. Even better, Sienna is as relevant and innovative as they come, encouraging diversity in their craft with male models and land acknowledgment (the company honors their place on the soils of the Arakwal Bumberbin people of the Bundjalung Nation). With over 40 unique swaths of luxurious polish in their arsenal, Sienna Co. is changing the way we mani, pedi, and protect the natural wonders of the world, one stroke at a time.

5. Carta Coffee

For seasoned coffee drinkers, the Kona region of the Hawaiian islands is legendary for producing some of the finest coffee in the world. Akin to wine, the coffee bean adopts the essence of its landscape, and when you combine volcanic soil with sea breeze from the Pacific Ocean, you get a show-stopping cup of joe. Carta Coffee specializes in 100% Kona-grown cherries on their family-owned farmland, a vision planted by founder, Scott Burr, during his time working the grape vineyards of Northern California. A third-generation viticulturist, Burr brings his expertise in agriculture to the coffee lands of Kona, where a dedicated team of farmers oversees the entire operation from seed to cup. Like the Kona region of Hawaii, coffee farming comes second nature to Burr and his family, as they strive to identify the complex flavors and aromas of coffee the same way you would with fine wine. Carta Coffee pushes authentic, grade-A Kona beans, which is often difficult to find, as most producers only offer a small percentage of Kona beans in their blends. A coffee blogger, aptly named ‘Coffee Ken’, spoke on the urgency of securing a Kona blend while they last. “Carta Coffee is small and deals in micro-lots, so there won’t be a big surplus of this coffee on the market.” Through decades of experience and compassion for the Kona way of life, Carta Coffee routinely puts out top-shelf harvests that yield a tremendous cup of coffee. More reason to take a peek at their website and indulge in a cup of Carta today!

6. Crew Supply

The folks behind Crew Supply Co. are veterans of the bar scene, with every kind of artisan accounted for, from baristas and bartenders to homegrown mixologists and caterers alike. This is precisely what sets them apart from competing beverage suppliers because they tackle pressing industry-related problems like effective bar flow and quality-driven station equipment. The experts are speaking to the experts and designing tools of the trade that spark imagination and growth across the board, ensuring their bottles, spouts, and mixing tools are exceeding the demands of industry professionals. Having only hit the stage two years ago, Crew has quickly found its place among the stars, supplying the likes of Caesars Palace, The Ritz-Carlton, True Food Kitchen, and Marriott hotels, cementing their status as the market standard. Beyond the watering holes, Crew seeks to support the brew enthusiast with at-home cocktail kits and a hefty online blog, The Sidebar, for educational scopes on pour posture and unique concoctions (hey there, Oreo Infused Vodka). Their bottle game is strong, too, for each vessel opens from the top and the bottom, allowing for easier distribution and color coordination. When it comes to stocking a better bar, play with the pros and make it a double; Crew is your #PartnerInPrep for the long haul.

7. Popl

If you’re serious about your strategies in the professional circuits, you ought to keep Popl in command. With every engagement comes the opportunity for growth and expanding your networks, and in a world where these interactions are increasingly swift, you’ll want to have a sidekick like Popl at the ready for all touch-and-go transactions. When Jason Alvarez-Cohen and Nick Eishens co-founded Popl in 2019, they entered the market just before a pandemic struck and welcomed an age of contactless synergy among strangers. Coincidentally, Popl emerged as the answer to rapid interweaving and building community, and instead of exchanging social media handles or calling out cell numbers, Popl ties the knot with one tap. It’s that first handshake without the grip war, and it collects anything the user requests in seconds. It’s the digital business card we’ve all been waiting for, as Popl streamlines both professional and personal contacts through a single sticker, along with keychains, wristbands, and concrete cards that stand the test of time. With Popl leading the way, you can spend more time making the sale or building your network and less time fumbling with paper. Popl works across all devices, so anybody can pop along with or without the technology. Make way for a better connected year, Popl needs no introduction!

8. The Heart Company

The dynamic duo, Kristina Rasmussen and Imke Norden lead with their hearts, and as co-founders of the lovelorn beauty brand, The Heart Company, they bring a whimsical sense of passion to their work that speaks louder than a love song. Their approach to self-care and community rides the wave of honest compassion, as they deal in premium quality REMY human hair extensions, fragrances, and skin creams designed to embrace your authentic self. You can’t help but swoon over their social media presence, which celebrates the beauty in every kind of woman through rose-colored glasses. Their products are thoughtfully crafted in heart-shaped vessels that carry vegan perfume and hair accessories, and each piece is meant to amplify your unique beauty routines rather than replace them. The new fragrance line, “Your Perfume Lovestory”, features six unique scents that read like Valentine’s Day charms, with names like ‘Me Time’ and ‘Kindness’ in a bottle, and with every purchase of these love potions a portion of the proceeds are given to The Love and Kindness Project Foundation, a grassroots movement that channels empathy and sincerity in the world. The Heart Company is dripping with sweet and sultry indulgence, and their words of affirmation and luxurious approach to self-care remind us all to stop and smell the roses once in a while.

9. Nectar Wellness

The pantry of Nectar Wellness is fully stocked with top-of-the-line CBD and THC treats built for the healthy at heart. Their Supercharged series comes in clutch with vegan, all-natural CBD gummies, topical cream ideal for relieving soreness or tension, and sublingual oils grown from Colorado hemp fields. Nectar prides itself on supreme quality wellness routines, shelling out top-chart solutions for athletes, office professionals, and senior citizens looking for a higher standard. The gummies themselves are equipped for on-the-go snacks and supplements for a post-workout turnaround, while the broad-spectrum oil is a unique blend of CBD, CBG, and vitamin D3––effectively surpassing market competitors. Nectar pulls its own weight in an overly saturated industry by pushing its ethos of purity, authenticity, potency, and innovation into every project, ensuring its followers receive the most relevant tools to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Their THC selection succeeds in five unique cartridges made of natural materials and void of heavy metals. To the untrained eye, Nectar’s advantage remains a trade secret, but the key lies in its ability to manipulate the cellular makeup of natural oils and terpenes to “supercharge” the product without the need for fillers or placebos. The team upholds a level of transparency that traces every product from seed to consumer, providing quality with credibility whenever possible.

10. otherworld

New York-based breakfast club, otherworld™, is taking breakfast to prom in a sparkly pink (vegan) dress. Their pancake and waffle mixtures are free of dairy, eggs, nuts, soy, and added sugars, but are packed and stacked with all the good stuff, like whole grain, veggies, and superfoods. Co-founders Jen and Joe realized a problem with their childhood obsession when the right mix couldn’t be found. Fluffy pancakes and waffles are a staple breakfast item for all ages, but you’d be lying if you said you didn’t feel a little guilty with every bite. After years of experimentation, the duo perfected a batch of mixtures that achieved the impossible: high-quality pancakes and waffles that keep you healthy and strong without the weight of regret to wear you down. By offering delectable breakfast treats made from fruits and veggies, Jen and Joe were able to rekindle a hallmark delight that sustained themselves and the planet in one flip of the pan. Otherworld’s vibe is nostalgic and playful, whisking a blend of early ’90s computer graphics with goofy Internet artscapes to communicate the lingering flavors of pancakes for breakfast. No matter your age, it’s the most important meal of the day, and you’d behave better if your waffles weren’t bringing you down at the top of the hour. Bonus Tip: their website compiles a list of mouth-watering recipes that you didn’t know you needed. Gingersnap Waffles? Pistachio Chocolate with Cherry Sauce? Green Pancakes with Tahini Drizzle? Heaven help us.

Written in partnership with Ascend