Why JES International Group Believes In Going Above And Beyond To Solve Its Clients’ Challenges

Each customer support experience has the capacity to gain respect for your business or take it away. Companies must provide positive customer service to retain customers and maintain trust in the brand. JES International Group works hard to ensure that they live by these standards and go above and beyond to fix their customers’ problems.

JES International Group offers high-quality heavy equipment for all sorts of jobs, including refrigerated trailers, tractors, seeders, haulage trailers, recreational vehicles, mobile homes, brand-name motorcycles, boats, extendable flatbeds, and generators. They’re established in Miami, Florida, and have been operating for over 25 years. They sell this equipment to people in South America, making a difference in each community they serve. One of their values is offering competitive prices for their clients. “One of the main obstacles that people face when buying new equipment is the cost,” said Samir Nazar. “We want to solve this problem by ensuring that they can afford what they need. We’re willing to meet them where they’re at and make a deal as often as possible.”

The company also works hard to go above and beyond when solving a client’s problem. “Our customer service is top-notch,” said JES International Group’s founder Jose Nazar. “We want everyone to walk away from any issue they’re having in a happy place. We will pull out all of the stops, especially for our most loyal customers.” There can be some difficult situations with clients because they live in South America and JES International Group is located in the United States. Sometimes language barriers can make it harder to satisfy a customer. However, they have staff who are experts in South American culture, speaking their languages and working to solve problems.

When running a business, you want to exceed your clients’ expectations. If you go the extra mile, they’re much more likely to come back and buy your products again. Even if you take a slight loss from pleasing them, it will be worth it when they tell their friends or leave a nice review!

Written in partnership with DN News Desk