10 Products You Need For The New Year

1.  SmartProtein

SmartProtein is a nutrition company taking the initiative to push the supplement industry forward with an affordable and health-optimizing blend of brain-boosting protein. Their mission is to help their customers achieve physical and mental goals while contributing to their mindfulness and ability to be present in day-to-day life. Their product is strategically designed for all walks of life, from athletes to fans, teachers to students, employees to executives; SmartProtein strives to have their users covered. Their signature Wellness Blend is a purposeful, cost-effective supplement, containing vegan protein and antioxidants, which are great for recovery and overall body health, along with the nootropic L-Theanine, which plays a major role in cognitive function by promoting focus and reducing anxiety. The concept for the company originated during the pandemic, working from home had never been easier thanks to today’s technology but employees and leaders alike were having trouble staying focused from home. This created a niche need like never before for nootropic supplements, also known as “brain boosters”, which in turn led to the creation of SmartProtein. The company has set out to introduce an affordable and effective supplement for the body and mind with a plan to continue expanding into new realms as they grow, including new flavors, supplements, and offerings.

2. Bluapple

With rising produce costs and a decrease in crop yield due to the effects of climate change, it’s more important than ever to make produce last as long as possible. The Bluapple Classic 2-Pack absorbs the ethylene gas given off by produce to make it last 2-3 times longer than it normally would, successfully reducing food waste along with customer expenses and shopping time allocation. The Bluapple Company strategically used science that the produce industry has been using for years at a smaller scale, effectively compressing a proven system. Bluapple stands for quality products and believes that everyone should have access to effective science, not just the big industries. Founded in 2009 on the idea that produce should stay fresher for longer, two friends, Tim and Eric, launched the Bluapple to provide consumers with affordable products that promote sustainability and a healthy lifestyle. They provide customers with an affordable and reliable way to reduce food waste exponentially and are continuing to innovate the industry with new product lines such as the Bluapple Carbon, VeggieZips, and FreshMats. The Bluapple team is just scratching the surface of what they believe they can contribute to the evolving industry.


LIFE OF AN OUTSIDER is a creative movement designed to applaud individuality. The company strives to bend the norms of the fashion industry through unique, custom-made pieces. Founder, Isaiah Outsider, has constructed the company’s foundation purposefully by implementing a continuous creative evolution, free for him and his partner, Chucho Rivera, to do and express themselves as they please. Their authenticity is woven into the fabric, derived from a cultural mashup of expression and a crossover of styles, materials, colors, art, music, people, and places. A cumulation of inspiration united with the lifestyle that Outsider and Rivera employ. The name, LIFE OF AN OUTSIDER, came from Outsider’s childhood, in which he always felt like an outcast. The name for the venture aligned with his past and the angle he wanted to take as he faced the fashion world head-on, priding himself in thinking outside of the box. Most recently, the brand has been seen on numerous A-list celebrities and continues to gain traction on social media. While the rest of the world is following trends, Outsider and the team are setting them.

4. The Wander Club

As the years pass by, we start to forget about all of the places we’ve traveled. The Wander Club helps keep those travel memories alive by making personalized collections of one’s adventures. The brand engraves Travel Tokens for every country, state, and national park that someone has been to and then adds them onto personalized leather Token Holders. It makes for a unique, portable, and thoughtful keepsake or gift for all travel lovers. The 2018 brand is built on sustainable practices with all of its products made, packaged, and shipped in the USA. For every order placed, The Wander Club provides a meal to a child in need with the help of their non-profit partner, RiceBowls. Aside from their novelty products, they also offer merchandise ranging from luggage tags and t-shirts to tote bags and water bottles. This ethical brand is a refreshing face in the travel industry and is eager to continue playing its part in your travel plans this holiday season!

5. By Blossom

Flourishing in the power of plants and flowers from root to petal, By Blossom has a plan to make a name for themselves in the New Year with a new innovative product line derived entirely from sustainable ingredients. Plants have the power to detoxify, nourish, and protect skin from head to toe, elevating well-being and incrementally improving lives. To align consumers with shared values while imploring the natural benefits of plants, By Blossom has paired their range of plant-powered blends with other powerful ingredients, including probiotics, malachite extract, and exotic herbs and flowers, among others, to enhance skin’s microbiomes effectively. Their new products are elegantly formulated to offer a spectrum of benefits including blue light blocking, anti-inflammation, detoxifying, and restoring skin’s health, resilience, and glow. The brand is introducing 5 new lines of clean, vegan beauty products that are each conscientiously sourced and consciously clean, formulated, and bottled in California. The 5 lines are designed for self-care addicts to blossom into their own beauty and self-care routines for years to come, composed of recently released, Simply Skin (skincare) and Enrich (serums and treatments). Along with these recently released lines, By Blossom will also integrate 3 more lines to kick off the New Year, including In Full Bloom (color cosmetics), At Home (home products), and Nurture (haircare).

6. GerdLi Inc.

GerdLi is the world’s first physician-engineered, natural antacid. The brand offers a signature gastroesophageal reflux disease line, “Gerdli”, derived from entirely gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO ingredients. The product is designed to stop heartburn naturally and effectively, something that has been unique in the mainstream medical industry until this point. GerdLi’s mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle by providing accessible and simple natural solutions. Derived from the highly potent, specially sourced D-limonene, a common, yet, powerful terpene found in nature, Gerdli implements the compound purposefully to combat gastrointestinal disorders. The brand offers subscription plans to simplify consumers’ pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. GerdLi has barely scratched the surface of all that they plan to accomplish within the naturally-medicated world through healthy alternatives to harmful prescription medications.

7. Harambe System

Imagine if a University of Chicago Mathematics Ph.D. with a deep passion for fitness designed a home workout system. Standing on core values of honesty, innovation, and health, the New York-based fitness start-up, Harambe System, stemmed from just that. Created amidst the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak by founder, Khalid M Bou-Rabee, the innovative design quickly filled a massive hole in the fitness industry. Harambe System was created from the conceptual benefits of bands yet the lack of effective existing devices. Bou-Rabee took his two passions, theoretical mathematics, and fitness, and strategically used them to engineer a custom design of luxury products that would give users the same benefits of a full gym, describing the device as, “a full gym that fits under your bed”. Bands alone are praised for being versatile but with the addition of the patent-pending bar, platform, and overall design, the Harambe System becomes a solution to all workout needs. From progressive overload programs to beginner movements, Harambe System has you covered.

8. Higher Education Skincare

Launched in 2018, the California-based skincare company, Higher Education Skincare, has created an inclusive, sustainable, and educational product that instills empowerment and integrity in its users. The company strives to make its products accessible while maintaining complete transparency on production practices and ingredients. Higher Education Skincare pushes boundaries to create the most intelligent beauty formulas for ever-changing skin. They’ve partnered with Sponsors for Educational Opportunities, a nonprofit that provides education, mentorship, and career development to youth in underserved communities nationwide. The company has strived to create a legacy of learning with strong values tied to lifelong education which is why they created the National Skincare Education Day, taking place on June 1st of every year, a holiday that implores the importance of self-care and knowledge. All of Higher Education Skincare’s products are paraben-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and cruelty-free. They’re a healthy and safe dermatologist-formulated brand designed strategically for young adults.

9. ViceRays

ViceRays is changing the sunglasses game for good – introducing a fashionable way to discreetly and conveniently carry your daisies (or whatever your flower power of choice may be)! Inspired by a summer of concerts (most notably Dead & Co at Wrigley Field in 2019) and no convenient way to travel with their favorite smokes, the ViceRays team developed an everyday pair of sunglasses that double as a James Bond-esque carrying case for your grass. The business is the only sunglasses company working within the cannabis niche and has a 100% full utility patent. With a deep-rooted passion for the cannabis community, ViceRays has quickly become the “flask” of the marijuana industry.

10. TurtleSwim

Founded out of Miami, this company is changing the way we look at swim shorts.  From their creative ‘Tie Dye Pastel’ color to the beautiful blue in ‘Aruba’, TurtleSwim has every style of swim trunks you would ever desire. More importantly, their products were designed to be functional both in the water and while you’re simply out with friends. On top of this, the company has found the perfect balance of sourcing quality fabrics and maintaining affordability. TurtleSwim’s 2022 plans include a storefront opening in the heart of Miami, however, no need to wait. Their shorts are available currently online and they offer worldwide shipping plus 24/7 customer support. Be on the lookout for new styles and check out their Instagram!


Written in partnership with DN News Desk