It’s The Most Wonderful Time For Your Skin

Shopping for everyone on your list just got a whole lot easier with convenient holiday gift sets from our friends at 7E Wellness. After an incredibly successful Black Friday bonanza, they are keeping the discounts going to keep spirits high for a few more weeks. Customers can get savings of up to 40% off their microcurrent facial treatment devices as well as a variety of accessories. Whether you’re wrapping up gift-getting or looking for some well-deserved self-care to revive and relax, you can score amazing deals until we ring in the New Year.

Their popular MyoLift 600 Luxe Gift Set for beauty professionals has sold out, so make sure you act fast to get the best deals of the year. The MyoLift QT Plus set is now 20% off so you save $82 on this comprehensive device bundle that delivers customized, professional grade treatments and long-lasting results. This popular product lets you choose a variety of microcurrent treatments that can be done with or without connecting to the smartphone app. The bundle comes complete with 3 Conductive Masks to target the forehead, eye, and lips, ReStore Conductive Treatment Gel, Anti-Aging Serum, and the MyoLift QT Plus Microcurrent Device.

The MyoLift Mini Gift Set is now available on the site for $250 (making it a satisfying seasonal savings of 33%). This package includes the MyoLift Mini device, 3 masks (1 each of Eye Mask, Lip Mask, and Forehead Mask), a 2 mask pack of Restorative Sheet Masks, and 4 oz. of ReStore Gel. Find out why so many customers have found a renewed sense of self-confidence and rejuvenation thanks to the MyoLift Mini.

For the anti-aging enthusiasts out there, the MyoLift Anti-Aging Set is currently priced to move at a huge savings of 40%. You can get this bundle for $150 and it comes with everything you need to amp up your skin care regimen. You’ll get the three masks (for eyes, lips and forehead), a Restorative Sheet Mask Pack, Conductive Gloves, ReStore Gel, Anti-Aging Serum, and Replenishing Spritzer. This is an incredible deal on a power-packed collection of face-loving goodness.

These impressive savings won’t last forever, so make sure you check out this holiday while you can. Stock up and save all month at

Written in partnership with Ascend