How Miami’s Ted Toledano Is Modernizing Luxury, Contemporary Furniture

Nestled on a side street in North Miami is the incredibly sleek Modloft Showroom. Upon entering, one is immediately immersed into the wonderful world of design that is Modloft. Founded by Miami-native Ted Toledano, Modloft’s ethos is to reinvent luxury retail by making high-quality, sophisticatedly designed furniture more accessible. As Founder and Chief Visionary, Toledano had a vision for the brand since day one, and it is evident throughout the entire design process—from concept to execution—that his passion lies deep within the roots. Toledano led Modloft from inception to one of the most successful luxury home goods retailers in the United States and is also a pioneer of CGI and 3D visualization in retail now followed by nearly all e-commerce platforms. 

Ahead, Haute Living sat down with Toledano to find out how exactly he entered the industry, how he set a new luxury standard, and what the future holds.

Ted Toledano ModloftPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Modloft

HAUTE LIVING: Can you tell us a bit about how you got started in the industry?
TED TOLDEDANO: I began my entrepreneurial career in the late 90s, among the first generation of tech companies. In 2005, I saw an opportunity to combine my two passions – tech and design – to answer a common frustration when designing a home: Why is furniture you actually want so overpriced? I felt it should be accessible and natively online, so I set out to humbly disrupt a protected industry that hadn’t changed in 100 years. Modloft was launched, and a new era in design-on-demand was born.

HL: Were you always passionate about design? Or was there an “aha” moment where you knew this was for you?
TT: I was raised in Miami—a city that celebrates beautiful people, places, and things. [There’s] no doubt that sparked my sensitivities towards style and design. My “aha” moment came while attempting to furnish my own home prior to launching Modloft. I was underwhelmed by the options available to me. I knew tech and furniture could come together, and the idea was born.

HL: Modloft is really setting a new standard. What aspects of building this brand are most unique?
TT: The best companies solve a problem. We enable anyone to design and furnish their home with perfect balance and harmony without professional help. That’s made possible by creating products that share common characteristics throughout, such as material and color. This enables shoppers to simply choose their favorite items without fear they may not work well together. This makes Modloft incredibly unique.

We exist to make great design more accessible, without any compromises—statement-making furniture, consciously designed and priced.

Ted Toledano ModloftPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Modloft

HL: What products did you first launch with?
TT: We launched one living room collection, a one-bedroom collection, and one dining room collection in our first year. The objective was to first deliver furniture safely and efficiently across the country. Repeatedly. Over and over again, until we developed a process [that] we could scale.

HL: Where do you see both yourself and the brand in the next five years? 
TT: I love what I do and believe our best days are ahead of us. The brand will continue to evolve as a leader in modern design. New technology will drive us, such as Augmented Reality, allowing users to see furniture in their home using just their phone. More concept stores will be added in key markets to support our online efforts, making it easier for people to engage our products in person.

Ted Toledano ModloftPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Modloft

HL: What design trends can we look forward to in 2022?
TT: Since “staying in” is the new “going out,” people are entertaining more at home than ever before. The latest trend? A luxe Game Room. Designer game tables, like ping pong, foosball, and poker, are crossing over into luxury furniture, as people want these items to be displayed, not only for play. Modloft will be introducing beautifully designed game tables for the discerning gamer.

HL: How would you describe your personal aesthetic? 
TT: My tastes have evolved as I’ve matured in the industry. Like Modloft, I’ve settled into a timeless contemporary aesthetic, keeping things warm and inviting.

I believe once someone interacts with our products, they have instantly found their favorite chair, sofa, table, bed – because our clients appreciate the same things I do: Uncompromised quality, attention to detail, and unique design.