Zane Erickson Stretching The Limits Of Residential Design With His Revolutionary Practice

Photo Credit: Zane Erickson


Aspiring homeowners often scour websites like Pinterest and Behance to find the perfect pegs for home design. One source of inspiration that anyone should add to their dream boards is the work of Zane Erickson, a young yet trailblazing residential designer who’s pushing the limits of home design to more sophisticated levels through his revolutionary practice.

Zane owns and operates ZED Studio Design, a home design firm that focuses on delivering on three promises: premier design, superb client service, and precise drawings. The company boasts a vast portfolio of sublimely designed homes that show both class and style. The home design company has served clients from all over the British Columbia area and beyond.

Before starting his own firm, Zane began his career by learning from some of the best in the field. He studied at the University of the Fraser Valley and graduated in 1997, after which he started working under award-winning architects to hone his skills and creativity. He also picked up additional education at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and Royal Architectural Institute of Canada to broaden his exposure and knowledge.

Erickson is also a well-traveled individual who has seen the world and drawn inspirations from architecture, art, and design from other cultures to create a larger pool of ideas and pegs for beautifully designed homes. After working for other companies for nearly fifteen years, Zane would venture out on his own and start ZED Studio Design along with his wife, Chantel, who adds a sense of order and method to the whole design process.

Over the past few years, Zane and his team at ZED Studio Design have worked hard to change how architecture happens. Erickson has a gift for taking a client’s past experiences and lifestyles and incorporating them into the design. “We draw with our clients instead of drawing for them,” he explains. “In-person design charrettes involve brainstorming and drawing in 3-D exploring various options for the design. Our system is visual and instant so that clients and we can make design decisions much sooner than in a traditional design process.”

ZED Studio Design also uses the latest forms of technology that help bring home designs and experiences to life, so clients visualize it before laying a single brick. One of their more innovative approaches is using virtual reality technology to walk clients through their future homes and give them the chance to experience, adjust, and mold the final design to fit their fancy best. As a result, projects done by the company have fewer unnecessary revisions and spend less on construction because of a lower rate of change orders.

Zane finds joy and fulfillment in providing people with the chance to have a home that would reflect their life journeys and successes. It perfectly tailors every design to fit a person’s personality while creating a greater appreciation for the arts and travel through his globally-inspired designs that bring the best of the world’s architecture and themes to the home.

Zane hopes that his works push people to keep dreaming big when envisioning a place they can call home. On top of that, he enjoys living a quiet and fulfilling life with Chantel and their six children. Learn more about Zane Erickson and ZED Studio Design by visiting their website and LinkedIn profile.

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