Read What Sets Uniqly Apart From Other NFT Platforms In Today’s Time

Photo Credit: Uniqly

Uniqly is the first marketplace and escrow that allows you to generate and sell NFT tokens with the option of physical manifestation.

Their business strategy arose as a result of a genuine market need. Currently, there is no connection between the virtual world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and real-world products. As a result, they developed a platform that would serve as the missing link in the NFT ecosystem, propelling the growth of this intriguing trend.

They hope to break into the mainstream with their breakthrough solution, which will allow them to make distinct, personalized apparel (and other things) that are authenticated using blockchain technology. All NFT Tokens created on Uniqly’s platform are also securely backed and can be retrieved at any moment.

The primary feature that sets them apart from other NFT platforms is the use of blockchain to authenticate valuables in the real world. They achieve this by using printed QR codes, one of which has a link to a blockchain explorer that displays a token that corresponds to the provided object, and the other of which contains the TXID of the token burn, which a user can sign with their name or nickname. This technique produces irrefutable confirmation of the item’s and its owner’s legitimacy.

Regularly, Uniqly updates its members with changes or perks that will help them earn more tokens. One can keep a tab about the same on their Medium page or Twitter profile.

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