Kevin Lo, Challenges New Entrepreneurs Have To Face Serving Humanity While Being An Entrepreneur

Photo Credit: Kevin LoOriginally from Oak Park, California, Kevin Lo is a serial entrepreneur, a progressive businessman, a sports enthusiast, an influencer, and a health and fitness expert. On January 5, 1992, Kevin Lo opened his eyes in humble surroundings in the United States. Kevin tried to excel at everything he did and also wants to succeed at everything in the future. He runs a YouTube channel and an Instagram account and is a major social media influencer. Health and fitness topics are among Kevin’s interests. To stay healthy, he is motivating people to keep their alcohol consumption in check. He promotes Kangen Water in an attempt to raise awareness about the water people drink. He has contributed to the health and fitness of people and has had a positive impact on their lives. His steady progress toward becoming a credible force in international business is also quite remarkable. Over the years, he has grown his business into a group of distributors of medical water ionizers, an actual consumer-to-consumer operation producing an annual revenue falling in the six figures bracket.

The Passion for Health and Fitness

When he was a child, he used to love football and followed the sport with great enthusiasm. At that time, he aspired to be a footballer himself one day. Eventually, he grew older and rediscovered his interests and intellect. He found that it was the health and fitness niche that attracted him the most. He decided to start his fitness career without wasting any years, taking baby steps, and now he stands where people look towards him as an inspiration for their body transformations. He focuses on exercise regimes that everyone can follow. Kevin keeps it all simple and effective. His channel is unlike many renowned fitness channels where the exercises are so hard that you can barely do them at home.

Habits; Making or Breaking Your Life!

We are all prone to making new habits, whether good or bad. Getting up at the same time, then going to work, eating lunch at a set time, coming home at night, and repeating the same the following day. Routine offers a sense of accomplishment and normalcy, but no routine is ever the same. Kevin kept himself open to the changes as he progressed in his career. He never intended to be stuck on a single venture and miss out on other potential opportunities.

Never Fear the Unknown

Although he focused on growing his YouTube and Instagram following, he made sure that his business of water ionizers distributions also progressed at an exponential pace. Not being afraid of the unknown has been part of Kevin’s personality right from the early days. Many people find change inconvenient, which is why they resist it. It usually involves an unknown element. Kevin advises all aspiring entrepreneurs to be open to changes. There is only one constant thing: change. Throughout history, we feared the unknown. However, without this bravery and courage, there would be no inventions or innovations.

Photo Credit: Kevin LoWhat Can We Do?

Can there be anything we can (or should) do to make ourselves more successful? Certainly! Be an observer. Notice the changes in your surroundings, in the market, and your niche. Then try to reflect them in your work or services. It is what we call moving with time. Although it may sound cliche, you can’t deny this universal fact. Kevin says, to grow as professionals and individuals, you need to push your boundaries, embrace change, and expand your horizons.

Organization and Productivity

Not everyone believes in the supposed connection between organization and productivity. Kevin, however, found that it worked for him pretty well. Organizing his desk was always a priority for him. Having everything in its place prepared him for a successful business and fitness career.

Avoid Clutters

There’s a theory that clutters reduce our focus both at work and at home. Science confirms that this phenomenon is true. We are unable to focus on our larger goals because of clutters. An organized workflow is something you should strive to achieve. Kevin followed the same route and always kept his business and fitness passion running side by side, not letting them take over each other. You can also call it the perfect balance between the Yin and the Yang.

The Hustle is Real!

Kevin wholeheartedly believes that if you aren’t sure where to begin, start small. Don’t arrange your entire desk, just one drawer. Instead of organizing your whole closet, organize the left side. Do the same with your business and your health. You’ll start seeing the difference in your life just as Kevin did back in the days.