No. 4 NBA Draft Pick Scottie Barnes Talks Fashion, Passion + Pro Ball Dreams

Scottie BarnesPhoto Credit: NBA Photos

I caught up with No. 4 overall NBA Draft pick Scottie Barnes on Thursday, Draft Day 2021 before he was officially selected by the Toronto Raptors, to talk fashion, passion and Draft Week excitement.
Scottie BarnesPhoto Credit: NBA Photos

Let’s talk about your current style and what you consider to be your go to style and some of your favorite go-to brands.

I would say my style is simple, because I wear a couple of different brands but I like to keep it clean. I wouldn’t say super flashy or anything like that. I would say some of my go to brands are Gucci and some Louis [Vuitton].

What about watches? Are they a big thing for you? Do you love them?

I’m not super big on watches. I have some, but I wouldn’t say I’m super big yet.

Scottie BarnesPhoto Credit: NBA Photos

Can you share some details about your draft suit?

I would say it’s a very unique style. Dolce & Gabbana [made it] for me. There’s a floral print all over the jacket, and the one thing that really tops it off is the diamond brooch that goes on the jacket. It’s a diamond flower brooch that goes on the jacket that’s really nice. It really pops off. My draft suit is white. My post-draft press conference suit is navy.

Is there one fashion rule that you’ve had so far up until this point that, for you, you’re like, “this is always looks good on me” or “I learned this from somebody and try to do this with every look?

Whatever I look good in, you know, that’s what I really go for.

Scottie BarnesPhoto Credit: NBA Photos

So, why do you think draft week and draft night are such a big moment for guys?

This is such a big moment as a fashion standpoint just because these things are so televised and these photos are something that will last forever. These pictures are going to be something that’s forever looked at when you go back in time; people are going to look at 2021 draft class and look at the suit, so it’s really like the best you can be and have something that’s really memorable about your suit, so in the future you don’t look back at it like, “Eh, I don’t really like that.”

That’s got to be a little bit nerve-wracking to have all eyes on you or do you like that, though? Are you like, “This is a good moment,” instead of a nerve-wracking moment?

It doesn’t really matter to me. I don’t really see any big difference. My suit will probably pop out tonight and all eyes will be on me, but that’s a good thing though.

Scottie BarnesPhoto Credit: NBA Photos

Is there anybody, any one player’s style, that you’re really like, “Oh, that guy is so cool!” that you want to emulate him or have your own tweak on whatever he does?

I don’t really have a player where I’m like, “Alright, I like his style.” I really just get what catches my attention and base it off of there and go with what I feel like I really like.

Thinking forward to tonight, what do you think that moment is going to be like when you hear your name called?

When I hear my named called, it’s going to be this indescribable feeling almost, just a huge rush of emotion, a huge rush of adrenaline going through my body where it’s just something that you can’t really describe until that moment’s there. You never know what’s going to happen, so it’s just going to be a crazy moment for me and my family because it’s going to be a big part for all of us just because of how hard I worked, the sacrifices they made for me. It’s just going to be a huge moment for all of us.

Scottie BarnesPhoto Credit: NBA Photos

And where would you like to end up in a perfect world?

I wouldn’t say I have a preferred definition of where I would like to end up. I just want to bring my skill, being a good teammate. I’m going to bring my joyfulness which I always show. I’m gonna be who I am. I’m going to bring a great character to the team.

Is there anybody that you particularly want to play alongside, or you think you could really learn from?

A: Nah, not really. Of course, a lot of teams have different people on the team where you have a lot of vets, people you can learn from throughout the organization, so I’m just really ready to play for an organization and learn from guys.

Scottie BarnesPhoto Credit: NBA Photos

You mentioned when a team gets you, you’re going to bring joy. What else do you think you’ll bring?

I’ll just bring my skillset, my versatility when I’m on the floor and then we’ll do different things on the court where I know I can excel and then, just being a great teammate as well. So I would just say off the floor I bring a good character where I’m just always happy. I care about people. I genuinely care about people, so that’s what I’ll bring to the team.

And how are you going to celebrate tonight?

We’re going to have a private dinner, me and my friends and family, people within the organization that are very close to me.

Scottie BarnesPhoto Credit: NBA Photos

What to you is the greatest luxury in life and it doesn’t have to be a material thing, it could be an emotion, it could be a person, it could be a feeling, but whatever it is, what is that to you?

My greatest luxury in life is probably family. Family is the greatest luxury in life; they’re always there for me. They’re going to be the people I can lean on most, so when I’m down, they can pick me up. They’re people that I know can just be there for me.

Is there anything you want to share today about tonight, about draft week, about fashion?

It’s going to be very special. I’m happy. I’m excited, can’t wait for the moment, can’t wait to just go out there and experience it, being able to go to a new fanbase, a new family, and be able to live in the moment.

Scottie Barnes

Photo Credit: NBA Photos  

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