Be An Astronaut For The Day With Zero-G

Photo Credit: Zero-G

Photo Credit: Zero-G

Space… the final frontier! Unfortunately, the journey to the stars isn’t feasible except for a select few, but for those of us still stuck on earth Zero-G offers the closest experience space has to offer without working for NASA. Zero-G is a company founded by Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, veteran astronaut Dr. Byron K. Lichtenberg, and NASA engineer Ray Cronise to offer the space experience to the general public. They used a Boeing 727-200, named G-Force One, and modified the hydraulic system to allow for a zero-gravity experience for guests onboard, while still following all FAA requirements of commercial flights. In August of 2004, the three co-founders of Zero-G made history and launched the first zero-gravity commercial flight available to the public. 

Zero-G offers one of the most unique experiences in the world, one that allows people to float like an astronaut and fly like a superhero. The company gives guests the VIP experience, as they have the opportunity to have unprecedented access to a space environment usually reserved for those who journey to the International Space Station. In the 17 years since its inaugural flight, the company has had celebrities such as Martha Stewart, Elon Musk, Kate Upton, Tony Hawk, Professor Steven Hawking, and even Dr. Buzz Aldrin who was an astronaut aboard Apollo 11. 

Photo Credit: Zero-G

“It was exhilarating,” said Buzz about the experience. “It was great to experience both lunar gravity and weightlessness again. I hope everyone interested in adventure tourism and space will participate in this amazing opportunity.” 

“It’s the most incredible and unique experience that can be accessed short of a ride to space” – Matt Gohd, Zero-G CEO,

The journey begins with flight preparation for all Zero-G VIP’s which includes a specially crafted breakfast and luxury “in Zero-G” flight suits and a mission briefing complete with a safety demonstration. Afterward, everyone boards the luxury coach for a quick ride to G-Force One! Once aboard the aircraft, the only place to go is up and the guests will be eased into weightlessness and the complete Zero-G adventure.

Photo Credit: Zero-G

“Zero-G was an amazing experience. I loved it! I only wish I could be weightless for an entire week.” – Martha Stewart. 

Not only does Zero-G offer an exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime experience, they also use their company to create a positive social impact. ZERO-G has partnered with Philanthropy-Strategist Group ( and their founder, Amanda Long, who advises donors, family offices, foundations, and corporate philanthropy programs on accelerating their mission and strengthening their capacity for social impact. Amanda has consulted with CEO, Matt Gohd, and the team at ZERO-G, to facilitate their goodwill missions and community outreach campaign through strategic partnerships with nonprofit organizations. The company’s philanthropic initiatives seek to enrich lives and unite communities; inspiring youth through science education, supporting research and advancement in public health, economic opportunity, social justice, and advocacy on behalf of at-risk children. 

Most notably they created a one-of-a-kind ZERO-G Experience in support of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights and Ripple of Hope. Their once-in-a-lifetime space adventure supported RFK’s mission to create lasting change across governments and corporations, foster a social good approach to business, and unite in a commitment to social justice.

“Zero Gravity’s generous donation to our virtual auction supports the work of RFK Human Rights to pursue equal justice, seizing this critical moment to advocate for equal rights of all. We use strategic advocacy and litigation to uphold and protect human rights; engage with business and finance leaders to promote socially responsible investing, and to ensure change that lasts, our human rights education program helps train the next generation of human rights defenders.” – Kerry Kennedy, President of RFK Human Rights

They also work with SpaceKids Global and the Girl Scouts to empower students and girls by fostering excitement in the STEAM fields. Their program takes the students on a 30-minute visual tour of space technology; including photographs and science videos free to school-age students. A collaboration between SpaceKids Global and the Girl Scouts offers young girls with an interest in science and technology the opportunity to experience a ZERO-G Flight Experience.

Zero-G is changing the game when it comes to adventure tourism and setting the bar for what comes next. This once-in-a-lifetime VIP experience brings space down to earth, creating an adventure and memories that will last a lifetime. 

When it comes to the experience, Professor Steven Hawking said it best: 

“It was amazing. The zero-g part was wonderful. I could go on and on. Space here I come.” 

Photo Credit: Zero-G

For more information regarding Zero-G please visit their website here

Their next available flight schedule is as listed below, with New York flights include Blade helicopter transportation to and from the city ($7,500 per seat): 

August 21 Westhampton, NY

September 12, New York City 

September 19, Rochester, NY

October 16, Long Beach, CA

November 6, Las Vegas, NV

G-Force is also available for private charter for both corporate use team building and a private group (up to 30 seats, for $200,000).