Online Entrepreneur Jack Zuckowsky Keeps Business Booming

Written in partnership with Lost Boy Entertainment

Photo Credit: Lost Boy Entertainment

The world around us today has made it evident that we are headed to a primarily technology-based society. That means that people and businesses are going to have to adapt to the times and convert to the online space in some form or risk getting lost in evolution. The need for help in developing brands online is at an all-time high due to this change in tides, and for Jack Zuckowsky, that means business is booming.

“When Instagram came out, I saw a huge opportunity. I found Instagram’s interface to be visually more appealing and knew that people would transition to the new platform. I was very early on making meme pages on Instagram. I began to sell some of my pages for thousands of dollars.” For Jack Zuckowsky, it has been obvious for a long time that the transition to digital was going to occur.

He has come a long way since selling meme pages on Instagram. Zuckowsky now helps clients grow their platforms via the services his digital marketing agency Social Summit offers. He has earned stain in the game over the years and has begun to work with top-tier clients. “My client Greg Kasyan, an LA-based actor, reached out to me for Instagram Growth. I took his page to 250,000 followers organically, and he was reached out by numerous casting agencies for auditions,” explains Zuckowsky.

Clearly having a knack for online digital marketing, Jack Zuckowksy continues to excel in the online market space. It is going to be interesting to watch him grow over the next couple of years and see how far he goes with Social Summit. Keep an eye on this young and rising businessman.

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