Quantum Leaping From A 4-Figure Mindset To A 6-Figure Mindset With Lourissa Setu

Written in partnership with Ascend

Photo Credit: Lourissa Setu

The mindset that got an entrepreneur to where they currently stand, isn’t the mindset that will get them to their desired goals. While there is a specific mindset and way of thinking that gets them to one milestone, it requires a complete up level in mindset to get them to the next milestone.

Strategy alone isn’t enough to grow a sustainable business. What is also important is figuring out who to become to grow a profitable, sustainable, and meaningful online empire. 6-Figure Affiliate marketer, mentor, and coach Lourissa Setu shares how to quantum leap from a 4-Figure mindset to a 6-Figure mindset and how entrepreneurs can stop doubting the current version of themselves.

Visualize your achievements even before they have happened

As an entrepreneur, visualizing your achievements before they have happened is crucial in helping you stay aligned to your grand vision and goals. If it is a thought that can appear in our realm of consciousness, it can be brought into fruition – for if we can dream it, we can do it.

According to Lourissa, “Your inner world is a reflection of your outer. So, many things going on inside will reflect on the outside and play out in different areas. If you do not feel worthy enough of what you want to create from this journey, such as sales and a high income, it will be hard to bring that into your reality. Find out what’s going on within. A major part of this is your internal dialogue. Your everyday thoughts will play a massive part in your belief in yourself.”

Introspection is key

Introspection is the examination of one’s own conscious thoughts and feelings. It can be extremely valuable as an entrepreneur to block out the noise and distractions we face in an ever-increasingly chaotic world.

“Entrepreneurship will bring up all your shadow work and force you to face your baggage. So be prepared to come face to face with a lot of things that will bring up emotions and require you to take full responsibility.”

Introspection is designed to fuel progress and move us closer to our goals. Lourissa shares that we can learn so much and grow significantly from this process alone. “The more growth you experience means your business will have the capacity to do so as well. We need this to happen for us to go to the next level – at every stage.” she shares.

Think of your business as a relationship

In a relationship, commitment is a key part of the journey and crucial for its long-lasting success. Lourissa encourages entrepreneurs to stay committed to their business from the start. “Think of your business as a relationship with your partner. It has so much to give to you. How much intentional time are you spending with it? Do you love it? Does it light you up? How much gratitude do you have for it? How much are you willing to improve yourself? How much of a priority is your business to you?” By asking ourselves these questions, we can determine whether or not it is in true alignment with what we desire.

What you put into your business is what you will get out, which will ultimately impact how fast and far your business will grow.

Lourissa’s coaching involves helping others scale their businesses and grow their revenue. These are tips she uses with her clients that has them quantum leap from 4-Figures to 6-Figures in under a year, just as she has done herself.