Brittney Jones Shares Tips for Entrepreneurs To Achieve More In A Short Period Of Time

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Photo Credit: Brittney Jones

It’s common to hear entrepreneurs talk about how long it has taken them to start making a lot of money from their business. Probably the majority will advise you to be patient as it might take you a few years to grow your business. And then there are up-and-coming entrepreneurs who want to tell you a different story.   Brittney Jones, a global business coach understands the many challenges that businesses have to go through to be successful and she wants you to equally understand your potential.

Brittney has grown and established her brand to be counted among the world’s best. She captured the business world and the online space with her reliable and bold nature. The former professional-banker-turned-online-business-coach transformed her fortunes when she decided to leave the safety net of the 9-5 world behind to pursue her passion. She has gone against all odds and established her empire, making a name for herself in the online space rather quickly. She has grown a massive social media network with over 100k followers on Instagram.

From a young age, Brittney always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She started her first business at 16. Having worked with thousands on the global stage, along with her own personal journey of growth she understands what it takes to be success-oriented.  She shares the following tips for all business owners out there who want to make it big within a short time.

  • Make decisions quickly: successful entrepreneurs know how to make decisions quickly, not because they are making rash decisions but because they understand energetic leaks and how this has a ripple effect on their business results.
  • Done is better than perfect: perfectionism and procrastination go hand in hand. Those that are wildly successful are at the top of their business careers because they made moves and got things out there imperfectly.  Get the tasks done, even if it is a level 1 out of 5 and when you have time later, go back and perfect it.
  • Prioritize mindset work over strategy: Everyone is hungry for the latest and greatest strategy. Those who are successful and continue to remain at the top are those who understand how to hold the pressure and responsibilities that come with being an entrepreneur.  If it purely came down to the best strategy, there would be far fewer stories of failure in the business world.
  • Show up as your higher-level self: the fastest way to condense time on this journey is to get clear on who the version of you is that already has the multi 6 and 7 figure income and start showing up as her now. What is she doing differently in her business?  What are her routines like?  What is her online presence like?  What programs is she offering?  These are starting questions to ask yourself.
  • Surround yourself with others: You may have heard the saying you become like the top 5 people you surround yourself with the most. It’s a cliche statement and a simple secret to success most people overlook.  Put yourself in rooms and programs with others who have the lifestyle and business you desire.

Brittney hopes to continue inspiring other entrepreneurs as she launches a new suite of courses and services. She aspires one day to start a foundation to provide scholarships to kids, sponsorships for sports teams, and, more importantly, to educate and mentor others on financial literacy. She wishes to emphasize the topics not covered in schools, such as goal setting, personal finance, journaling, self-awareness, and emotions.

You can get to know more about her and her services through her weekly podcast, her Instagram, and website.