Tomas Chlup: Mesmerizing Influencer Brings The Fitness World & Cooking Expertise Together

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Photo Credit: Tomas Chlup

Tomas Chlup, The Right Inspiration For Fitness, Guides Millennials On How One Can Stay Healthy & Fit.

The Embodiment Of Fitness & Cooking

Tomas Chlup is one of the top fitness experts from the Czech Republic. Hailing from a small happy town of the Czech Republic called Kamenice and Lipou, he has learned the art of making genuine and long-lasting relationships. He has a vast social media family and inspires people to live a healthy and happy life by treating their body right. Be it by doing the right exercise or eating healthy food – he gives special training programs from various platforms, and he is using social media for the right cause. This makes him the fitness expert he is today.

After being a fitness expert, he is also known to have been famous for his cooking. His unique and flavorful recipes are not just good in taste but also very healthy. His recent project ‘Fitness Inspiration’ has come true where he inspires people to live a healthy life by writing blogs and videos – all on his website. His blogs are full of good recipes, long-run techniques, and Crossfit. After having been featured in several media outlets like Yahoo, Influencive, IB Times & more – he is all the more inspirational to the global audiences and being inspired by so many young millennials.

His Positive Influence On Society

Apart from his mainstream skills, Tomas is also a Celebrity Instagram Influencer who makes such high-quality content useful for the millions. He is going viral with his lifestyle posts which exudes full of life and grit determination.  His feed is some of the most real and useful content with different videos and posts related to fitness. His mentorship on a daily basis through these posts help people understand how to approach training and food choices from the very beginning.

Recently, Tomas had worked on a mobile application named “Konektr” along with his team of friends. This is a platform where influencers can monetize and leverage their audiences by showing them exclusive content and chatting with fans through video calls. This helps Tomas build a community for various niches, especially for fitness and healthy food recipes. His other project,, is under process where he shares many more recipes and training in the coming future. This young charismatic man makes an irreplaceable recognition in the online fitness world. The world shouldn’t be surprised if he reaches the top of the game soon.

Tomas shares with the fitness enthusiasts, “From waking up with determination to sleeping with satisfaction, there is a long journey every day. This long journey has a lot of food and fitness choices we all choose for ourselves. Always remember, if your decision doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. Transformation is not about only training your body, it is also about training your body and decisions. So, be stronger than your strongest excuse!”

To learn more on fitness, cooking styles, and lifestyle lessons, stay connected with Tomas Chlup’s Instagram.