From Zero To 100K, How Runway Influence Helps Big Brands Such As Adidas, Wild Fox, And McLaren Conquer Social Media


Photo Credit: Runway Influence

Brand marketing has evolved immensely over the last decade. Social media, which was not even thought of even a few years ago, now plays a crucial role in accelerating brand awareness. With the growing popularity of social media marketing, influencer campaigns have come into the larger picture.

Social media influencers are top models who have a staggering number of followers on their accounts. Brands approach these influencers to endorse their products on social media through viral posts using stunning content. However, finding an appropriate influencer for a particular product can be quite challenging for a brand. Moreover, designing the whole campaign highlighting the brand’s message is another big deal. This is where professional digital marketing agencies step in to help the brand grow exponentially.

Runway Influence is one of the most renowned digital marketing agencies offering brand promotional services such as social media campaigns, brand activations, talent integration, content management, influencer product collaboration, project management, influencer endorsement, brand development, ambassador network, etc. The agency works with top influencers of the advertising industry to create explosive awareness for brands.

Runway Influence is a master of marketing strategies, giving result-oriented services to their clients. The agency understands the brand’s message and chooses the most appropriate influencer to endorse the product with visually appealing creative content. The agency has a hard-working team to support brand accounts to reach 100,000 organic followers every month. With this kind of growth, Runway Influence is helping brands go from zero to global within a few months.

The agency has also worked with popular global brands like Adidas, TikTok, McLaren, and Wild Fox, amplifying their brand image like never before. Runway Influence has thousands of top influencers who work for them. Each influencer excels at a niche for which they have gained a huge number of organic followers who trust them. Runway Influence assigns the brand endorsement projects to the most relevant influencers based on their niche to reach a highly targeted audience who will be genuinely interested in the product.

Runway Influence believes influencer campaigns are more cost-effective and wide-scale than sponsored advertisements. People are no longer interested in viewing forced ads from unknown brand pages. In fact, they are now a big turn-off for social media users. This is not the case with influencer marketing. When an influencer endorses a product, it immediately gets credibility and generates a craving among followers to purchase it. This not only helps brand sales to skyrocket but also creates a brand value that will live long after the marketing campaign ends.

Written in partnership with Runway Influence