Why Collectible Movie Posters and Cups Are Items of the Past, Thanks to Terra Virtua’s State-of-the-Art Platform

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Photo Credit: CeleMedia

Think back to items you would collect growing up–baseball cards, Pokemon cards, rare coins, Hot Wheel cars, etc. While many of these items still have a demand, there has certainly been a generational shift in what we all define as “ownership” and the value attributed to owning an item(s).

Digital collectibles have become extremely popular with today’s Millennial and Gen-Z demographics. And why? Marketing and entertainment. Social behavior and ownership have been redefined, with digital items such as videos, pictures, skins, and even platform achievements holding more value than physical items.

“With games such as Minecraft, Fortnite, and Call of Duty, an entire generation has grown up with digital items,” says Terra Virtua CTO and Co-Founder Jawad Ashraf. “NFTs, or non-fungible tokens bring together all of these factors, but remove the dependency on any platform.”

Terra Virtuais an entertainment-focused “collectibles” platform which uses the power of blockchain technology to house, store, and forever immortalize rare, unique items such as an artist’s painting, a musician’s album/track, and various other works of art that can be considered unique and of value. The platform’s utility comes from the ability for collector’s of digital assets to display and interact with their virtual goods in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and in 3D on PCs. The company’s CEO and co-founder, Gary Bracey has made it his mission to strive to provide an ever-lasting arena for content creators and artists of any kind, to sell and house their works through new, immersive means.

In the world of digital collectibles, these items found through Terra Virtua will now be able to outlast any game, film, or other medium, while retaining the same rarity and authenticity as a physical item.

What’s even more fascinating is the types of relationships the company already has with major production studios like Paramount Pictures and Legendary Entertainment. Terra Virtua has licensed the rights to create digital collectibles based on some of the studio’s biggest films like Pacific Rim: The Uprising andTop Gun.

“Relationships are key and we are fortunate enough to have had a track record of success in licensing from Paramount Pictures in a previous life through video-games, and so the trust and goodwill has always been there,” Bracey explained. “It obviously required a leap-of-faith from Paramount, but fortunately, that faith has been validated.”

Take, for example, the image below, which depicts the Gipsy Avenger ‘Jaeger’ from Pacific Rim: The Uprising.

Photo Credit: CeleMedia

“You can purchase this 3D animated figure on Terra Virtua, and yes, it is full size,” Bracey continues. “Or, you can pick up a Top Gunpilot helmet, although all the Maverick helmets have already sold out. From there, you can interact with your purchases in AR and VR. We even ran a Top Gunselfie competition so we could see our fans in their helmets. It was very cool.”

If one thing is for certain, collecting movie posters, special edition cups to put your Pepsi in, and strange looking popcorn buckets are all physical collectibles of the past.

Terra Virtua definitely is the future of collecting and having the ability to play!*