Samantha McGregor Talks About What Helped Her Overcome Entrepreneurship’s Frustration

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Photo Credit: Samantha McGregor

The romanticization of entrepreneurship has made many people delve headfirst into the sea of business, unaware of the hurdles and barrage of sleepless nights that accompany owning and running a business. For many, the idea of being free from other people’s commands and being their boss lures them into the business. But the reality of business is far removed from the freedom to do whatever you like’ that many entrepreneurship preachers have bandied around. Entrepreneurship is hard! says Digital and email marketing strategist, Samantha McGregor.

For someone who has been a consultant since 2019 and has several years of experience working with some of the biggest SAAS companies in the world, Samantha perfectly understands what owning and running a business feels like. She has been in the murky waters of business and can offer helpful pieces of advice to new entrepreneurs.

Samantha says that entrepreneurship can be lonely sometimes; there are days when you feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to do as an entrepreneur. Because of the scarcity of resources available to new entrepreneurs, especially those from minority groups and women of color, navigating the waters can be challenging.

Amid all the hardship and late nights and constant grinding, Samantha believes that passion is what will see every budding business owner over the ‘hardship line.’

“There will be hard times. There must be hard times. It is impossible to be in business and have it all rosy,” Samantha opines. “But when these hard times come, you’ll need to have a powerful passion for what you’re doing something else; you’ll fall off the roadside and abandon it all.”

Samantha McGregor wants to delete from young entrepreneurs’ minds the idea that running a business is easy. Yes, there will be a time when things will seem to work on autopilot, but it will be hard before then. The hurdles will come, looking all menacing and intimidating. But if there is a powerful passion for what you’re doing, you can withstand the hard days.

Samantha has always maintained that although the playing field is not equal for people of color and those from minority backgrounds, there is still a need for an undying passion for the business.

Samantha says that making money from a business is excellent, but beyond that, why are you in business.

Samantha McGregor helps small businesses create and implement world-class digital and email marketing strategies, helping them increase sales and profits. Samantha started helping small businesses owned by women of color and those from minority groups because she wanted to help bridge the gap between women of color and other affluent people.

Her choice of clientele was based on her passion for helping women’s businesses grow and thrive.

So, as a business owner, before throwing your all into that great idea, ask yourself, really hard: Am I passionate about what I am doing?

If the answer is yes, it means you can stay fighting when the dark, lonely days come creeping. It means you’ve transcended the realm of ‘just making money to a place where a better good is the driving force. When you have a passion for what you do, the loneliness of entrepreneurship will be easier to face and win than when you have no desire.

Are you passionate about your business, or are you just in it because your family and friends own and run their businesses?

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