Rob Dyrdek Shares 10 Weird Wellness Hacks That Actually Work

Rob DyrdekPhoto Credit: Dyrdek Machine

New wellness entrepreneur and Mindright founder Dyrdek talks

health and well-being during the pandemic. 

Rob Dyrdek is on a mission to bring the masses peace of mind. How does he plan on doing this, you might ask? We’ll tell you: through Mindright, the brand-new Good Mood Superfood brand he co-founded with nutritional mastermind Chris Bernard. Mindright, built in partnership with the Dyrdek Machine, is a platform of delicious snacks and nutritional supplements that combine superfoods, nootropics, and adaptogenic herbs to support brain health led by a good mood. For entrepreneur, actor, producer, reality TV personality and former professional skateboarder Dyrdek, happiness is of the utmost importance. Here, he shares what inspired him to create the brand, why positivity has propelled his career in the right direction and 10 weird wellness hacks he employs at home that actually work.

Rob DyrdekPhoto Credit: Dyrdek Machine

How do you feel positivity plays into success?

To me, it’s simple. A positive mindset leads to increased productivity, energy and a focus, which ultimately influences success in our work and personal lives. If you’re happier, you’re healthier, and if you’re healthier, you can realize your full potential. There’s no simpler path to success than happiness and reducing negativity as much as possible, which in my mind is one of the biggest distractions out there.

What does Mindright mean to you? Why was it so important to create a company rooted in happiness?

Mindright is a “Good Mood” focused mental wellness-meets-snack brand made with ingredients that are carefully selected to help reduce stress, enhance mood, and get you back to your happy place. It harnesses the brain-boosting benefits of antioxidants, nootropics and adaptogens to support overall cumulative brain health and cognitive function. It is all about supporting our mindset to achieve success in our work and life goals. The impetus for founding Mindright comes from our never ending search for ways to support or mindset around achieving success in our work and life goals. The white space we envision is using nutrition to support this balance beyond sustenance with a specific output in mind….feel good food. Everything we do at Mindright starts and stops with “does it make me happy?” which ultimately
leads to our success as a company. Our goal is to speak to a new audience – what we call the “Happy Hustler” – or the consumer with a keen understanding that a better mood leads to increased productivity, energy and a focus in their everyday lives and looks for quality, amazing
tasting products along the way.

Rob DyrdekPhoto Credit: Dyrdek Machine


What are some daily routines or rituals that you incorporate into your life that you feel are critical to your happiness?

Every day, I wake up at 4:30am and immediately give thanks for all that I have. I do a 20 minute meditation, a 10 minute brain training program, and 60 minutes in the gym to start my day every single day. It keeps me focused, productive and supports my mood all day. And of course, if I ever start to lose focus or energy, I grab a Mindright Bar rather than a coffee. My personal favorite is the Toasted Coconut, and I always keep one nearby. After all, what’s better than snackable happiness?

People probably know you as a professional skateboarder + TV personality, but you’re also an incredibly successful entrepreneur. As a true multi-hyphenate, how do you find balance and success in your daily life, juggling so many things?

I really believe you must optimize and automate as much of your life as possible in order to be highly productive and remain balanced. I’ve created an operating system for my life – ‘The Rhythm of Existence’ – that allows me to optimize my overall productivity and maximize my energy. My goal is to create a holistic system that helps create an effortless and predictable life of health, happiness, and fulfillment that accounts for all aspects of living. I believe that you must design a balanced life if you want to live one. It’s important that you don’t try to create work life balance, but instead design a balanced life. This way, you always use your time with intention. Additionally, when I found the discipline to start paying more meaningful attention to what I was eating and drinking, prioritizing exercise and incorporating adaptogens, I felt better than I have ever felt in my life. This has allowed me to continue to find success as an entrepreneur, TV personality, husband and dad.

Rob DyrdekPhoto Credit: Mindright

Why is feeling good nowadays more important than ever?

We’re all looking for ways to reduce stress and support our path to happiness. Today’s complicated world has us all in a “mood” and it’s harder then ever to keep your “mind right”. The more we can do to support our mood during these challenging times, the happier and more successful we will be. I see brain health and mental wellbeing as the next frontier of wellness. It’s becoming more clear than ever as we see the growth of adaptogen and nootropic sales explode across supplements, that consumers are very focused on reducing stress and finding their way back to their feel-good state. Biohacking and brain hacking are becoming a go-to resource for more productivity and focus in the workplace, and with Mindright, we’re hoping to provide people with easy and convenient snackable happiness to boost their moods at any time. Mindright literally puts feeling good first, using carefully selected ingredients known to enhance your mood, which is really all we can ask for these days!

Besides eating Mindright, how do you get yourself to a happy place? How do you practice positivity on a daily basis?

I like to use qualitative and quantitative data to track all aspects of my life. This not only gives me accountability, but it also gives me further awareness of the things that take away from my energy and happiness. Each day I record on a scale 0-10 how I feel about my life,
work and health. That is my qualitative data. I also record 6 key aspects of health that are quantitative – 1) Get up at 5am 2) Meditate 3) Brain Train 4) Clean Diet. 5) In the Gym 6) No Drinking. My goal is to do these 6 things everyday as they are the clearest path to happiness. I have found that happiness is truly an output of self mastery. This type of data can really help you with developing this mastery which leads to happiness.

Rob DyrdekPhoto Credit: Mindright

What is the most extravagant purchase you’ve made in the bid for a happier life?

There is no doubt the Somadome, which is a meditation pod, is the most extravagant purchase I have made in a bid for a happier life. Meditation has so many benefits yet it is so difficult to do especially for someone like me. Being able to get into a machine and listen to a guided meditation that is connected to light and sound frequencies is easier and more enjoyable for me. The fact that I enjoy both doing and how it makes me feel is why I can do it every single day.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve tried on your mission for happiness?

The weirdest thing I have tried is without a doubt getting a 10 pound citrine crystal that I keep on my desk. Citrine is the stone of abundance and I figured I might as well get the biggest one I can find if I am going to bring crystals into the mix. The abundance has been overflowing since the purchase so I suggest everyone go get one!

What to you is the greatest luxury in life and why?

The greatest luxury in life is energy. You must design a life around all things that give you energy and equally, you must defend against all of the things that take it from you. When you master your energy, you will find a natural state of happiness.