How Michael Brian Went From A High School Dropout To A Successful Music Executive

Written in partnership with Ascend

Photo Credit: Michael Brian

Michael Brian is an executive producer, prominent record executive, and musician based in Los Angeles, U.S.A. He is the founder and owner of Crosby Management Company, the biggest independent recording facility in the United States. Michael is a self-made music producer and entrepreneur with an immeasurable determination to achieve outstanding success. His recording facility is well-known for the great ambiance and work output that has seen them do everything for global superstars such as Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, Gunna, and Young Thug.

Though a successful businessman now, Brian’s early life and journey to success were not always rosy. He had to hustle his way up as he endured struggles and overcame many life challenges. At 15 years, he already had a record deal, dropped out of high school, and started living all by himself in a 17 apartment in Manhattan, New York City.

With no idea of what life had in store for him, Brian learned from others absorbing what was important to him and applying it to his life. He relied on luck and associated himself with the people around him by doing what worked well for him and others.

His love and passion for music made him stand out in the music industry and soon he was making some money. While still a teenager, Brain bought his own music equipment and rented an apartment in Soho where he let his friends use it.  He started to rent the other rooms with an entrepreneurial mind to boost his income while still pushing his music career. His most significant turning point was when he began working with other artists where he was fortunate to partner with a parent company.  He built a studio on a 10,000 sq ft that accommodated about 25-40 persons a day. Being somebody who was an artist himself, he knew exactly what they needed.

Influenced by his Aloha philosophy, he turned the studio environment into a hospitality vibe by providing artists with a sound recording deal with a retainer all year long. At 31 years now, Brian has gone back to being an artist again, expanding the studio into a better experience with better systems. The studio is currently the most prominent independent recording studio in LA, offering part recording and 24/7 hospitality services.

Michael Brian attributes his success in the music industry to his perfect ear for music, having his finger on the pulse, and his unique approach to life. He believes and holds to hospitality to make people feel comfortable and at home, something that created a relaxed ambiance making his studio become home to some of the most prominent artists in the world.  The big studio has such a conducive environment that it operates on an open-door policy for everyone from interns to engineers. He has attracted various artists as there is room for everyone to learn. With the help of other team members, Brian manages Thug, Keed, and Gunna, who have a record deal that earns them a monthly retainer for YSL artists.

To Brian, collaboration is everything. Working and connecting with other persons on other aspects of life while still doing business-related things is the key to success. His biggest desire for life is to become a better person than yesterday and make everyone else better too.