Haute Living Miami Ambassador Radmila Lolly On Performing At The 2021 Vizcaya Preservation Luncheon

Our Haute Living Miami ambassador, Radmila Lolly, sits down with us to talk to us about the highly anticipated, annual Vizcaya Preservation Luncheon, where “each year guests from South Florida’s philanthropic society attend the fashion-forward Preservation Luncheon, also known as the hat luncheon, as attendees are encouraged to wear stylish hats,” per the organization. This year, the luncheon raised funds for the Vizcaya COVID Recovery Fund—founded in July of last year—which will go toward preserving the historic landmark for generations to come. Lolly was the special performance for the event, which took place at the gorgeous Vizcaya gardens and Casino Mound. This also marked her first live performance since COVID struck.

HAUTE LIVING: This was your first time attending the annual Vizcaya Preservation Luncheon. What did you think about it, overall?
RADMILA LOLLY: It was so elegant and beautiful. It was refreshing to be with others again.
Radmila LollyPhoto Credit: Radmila Lolly
HL: How did you learn about the luncheon and what made you decide to participate?
RL: It’s one of the main cultural events of the city and it is wonderful be able to share my art with a new community.
HL: You were the main performance at the event. Tell us about your performance.
RL: It was my first live performance since the pandemic started. And for the first time I was able to perform my music live since I had recorded my music in the past. However, I had never had a live performance of my compositions before.
Radmila LollyPhoto Credit: Radmila Lolly
HL: How did you choose your piece(s) to perform and why did you choose them?
RL: I chose four compositions to be performed by the chamber orchestra. As a composer and storyteller my role is to think of the venue and of the audience and make certain that I can captivate them. It is always a challenge in this day and age, with the smart phones and short attention spans to keep an audience riveted. So, I chose different styles of compositions that reflected well on me as a composer, but also resonate with the audience. The number 5 composition of the performance was a Russian Aria that was also part of my album. At approximately the same time that  I finished composing it, I was invited to perform at the historical Viscaya museum. I realized that it would make for a perfect fit with the venue.
Radmila LollyPhoto Credit: Radmila LollyRadmila LollyPhoto Credit: Radmila Lolly
HL: How do you decide which of your design creations to accompany your musical compositions, and how did that decision making process for work for this particular performance?
RL: For all my shows the musicians always wear my couture line Eltara Casata. Usually the musicians wear black and I wear red. However, for this show, I decided that the women would look wonderful in red and I wore black and white. Also, the day prior was International Women’s Day, so it was amazing to have all female musicians.
Radmila LollyPhoto Credit: Radmila Lolly
HL: What was your main takeaway from the event overall, both from a performer and an attendee’s perspective?
RL: I can’t wait for the event next year. I hope to be part of it again!