Simon Walder: Getting Into Real Estate Was Incidental, But Staying In It Is A Choice

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Simon WalderPhoto Credit: Simon Walder

With an unquenching thirst to make big waves in real estate, Simon Walder is a young entrepreneur. He founded Uptown Capital LLC that focuses on value-added retail and mixed-use real estate. The company is actively adding to its portfolio and adding investors who are looking for passive income through real estate.

Opportunities are hidden in plain sight

Making the most of an untapped opportunity is the secret sauce for success in the world of entrepreneurship. A professional marketer and a sharp observer of consumer behavior, Simon Walder found his true calling while working as a professional in a dental clinic and noticing the struggles that dentists faced seeking to build a passive income source through real estate leasing. Since dentists are hard-pressed for time, they often are time-poor when it comes to investing time to seek lucrative properties where they could put their money in and rent it out to generate a regular flow of cash. Simon started his professional career in real estate to help doctors find the best properties to invest in and create wealth in the long run. With time and tide, he graduated into commercial real estate, managed properties, found tenants, and supervised the maintenance of those properties as well.

The tale of real estate success

Simon believes that his success in real estate happened by chance and that there was no planning to get into this profession full time. That said, he also found love in real estate, and the fact that he built and sustained his career was a conscious choice. Now, he is considered to be a master of this field with knowledge of various facets of this segment. “ I saw many dentists burning money on leases. After showing a few of them that they could own their strip center and have their tenants cover their lease I started to realize that I too should start looking to invest. I also realized that many of the doctors I worked with wanted to invest in real estate but did not have the time to find assets to invest in nor had the time to deal with them,” believes Simon.

Beginning strides

Simon started his early life as a salesman knocking door to door selling alarms for Vivint. He graduated college and moved to Houston, Texas to work for Henry Schein Dental for five years. Subsequently, he switched to Benco Dental. To date, he has helped ~100 doctors build and open their own dental offices. It was his initial days as a salesman that helped him build his foundation on sales and marketing, client communication, and aptitude for convincing his potential customers. Those are the days that he looks back at, even today, as his days of learning. He gleams with pride when asked to recollect his days of inception as a real estate professional.