How Nabeel Ahmad Built Mogul Press Into One of the Fastest Growing PR Firms In the World

Written in partnership with SMG News Desk

Nabeel AhmadPhoto Credit: Nabeel Ahmad

Technology is evolving with every passing day. Over the past few years, technology has proved to be extremely useful to society. It serves more than one purpose, from learning to entertainment to utilizing it to kickstart a business idea of yours.

Entrepreneurs have been using various types of digital platforms to create and develop new ideas that will help them build an enterprise. But, because of this, there’s a huge rise in competition. This makes it vital for business owners to fully understand the ins and outs of the industry they’re venturing into.

And making sure to be ahead of the competition, Nabeel Ahmad began his entrepreneurship journey when he was only 19 years old. In three years, Nabeel has built one of the world’s most successful PR firms in the world, Mogul Press.

He shared how he developed an interest in entrepreneurship during his high school years. As the years went by, Nabeel left for college to study in the United States. However, seeing no value in pursuing a degree any further, he dropped out.

Nabeel faced his fair share of failures until he hit tremendous success with his companies, particularly Mogul Press. Having had experience in several industries, he realized something was lacking in the PR industry, hence he saw room for disruption.

Nabeel believed the common methodology used by most PR firms was sloppy and very much outdated for the 21st century. Over the years, he had managed to become a columnist on Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine,, and many other renowned media publications.

Nabeel said, “Being a columnist on some of the most renowned media publications, allowed me to build key relationships at many top-tier media outlets.” And since he had connections with top-notch media publications, he used this as leverage to secure coverage for his clients.

Nabeel believes that anyone can have a great story, but if they’re unaware of how to bring it forward to the right people, at the right time, it’s not going to benefit them at any given time.

“I like to think that PR has two essential components,” Nabeel said, “the first part is knowing the right people, the decision-makers. And the second part is positioning the story in front of those people in the right way.” Nabeel values positioning as a form of art, because the way a story is positioned, determines whether it’ll receive the spotlight or not.

Nabeel successfully mastered both PR components by working for months in the PR industry. After thousands of pitches, Nabeel says he finally cracked the code.

He managed to bypass the traditional methods used in the PR industry, and that became the foundation of Mogul Press. Nabeel’s clients simply paid for results, nothing more, nothing less.

Nabeel believes that PR provides people a platform to tell their stories to the mass audience and that it’s their job to provide more than just satisfactory results.

Fast forward to today, Mogul Press is a 7-figure company, generating more than $100,000 monthly. Nabeel’s goal for Mogul Press is to keep disrupting the PR industry and scale it to 8-figures by the end of 2021.

Moreover, Mogul Press is just one of the many companies that Nabeel has founded. His main company is Skyray Ventures, a holding company with more than 20 companies under its belt.

Nabeel showed the world that if you have the determination and passion to achieve your goals, then success is inevitable.