How Catering To Elites Helped Change The Lifestyle Of Blue One Owners

Written in partnership with Brand News

Blue OnePhoto Credit: Blue One

Success can change your lifestyle for the better. The more you taste success, the more enthusiastic you become to lead a better life. You want to dress differently, long to visit new destinations, make more friends, and enjoy life to its fullest. Your new lifestyle keeps your mind happy, and you, in turn, remain healthy.

Jarret and Crystal, the owners of Blue One, set the perfect example of this type of life. Blue One is a fashion boutique primarily aimed at the Hamptons elites. It offers a wide range of men’s and women’s clothes, accessories, and décor items. But it’s the story of its owners, Crystal Smith Willis and Jarret Willis, that inspires others to take the risk and live the life they dream of.

Vacations in exotic locations

The purpose of this couple’s vacations in exotic locations isn’t just to enjoy time as husband and wife. They keep searching for new clothes and accessory lines to add to their collection. Additionally, they also talk to emerging designers who want to become famous but can’t because of a lack of opportunities. Jarret and Crystal have their doors open for such designers because they know they have the hunger to make a name for themselves.

The power couple loves enjoying every moment during their vacation but is also aware of their responsibilities. They continuously collect new designs that their designers can replicate. Both Jarret and Crystal get tons of messages on Instagram and Facebook about the clothes that they wear. The Hamptons’ elites love their fashion sense and often want to buy what they wear during vacations. And the couple never disappoints their affluent customers. They keep adding to their collections so that the elites can buy their desired merchandise as soon as they come in stock.

Understanding the choices of billionaires

It isn’t easy to gauge what billionaires like. Some may prefer to live a simple life, while others may want to make the most of their money. This diverse lifestyle doesn’t bother Crystal and Jarret. They understand what their clients look for. And their choices are so unique that some happy customers even take the couple on trips across the globe, cruises on $100,000,000-yachts, and tours in private planes. That’s the type of lifestyle everyone dreams of, but only a handful can reach that goal.

When asked about this worldly experience, Crystal said, “It’s like we are living the dream. We never realized that we would reach such heights when we had started in 2007. But I think dreams do come true. Everyone loves to change their life for the better. For us, Blue One is that change. And that’s why we work harder to ensure that it keeps providing us with such returns in the future.”

The lives of Crystal and Jarret are genuinely inspiring. Even the customers say they love Blue One because of the love story of this couple. On the other hand, the couple thinks that the billionaires opened their eyes to a better lifestyle. With such high mutual respect, you can figure out the level of dedication and passion it takes for an entrepreneur to reach a level where their customers consider them real friends and trust them with their fashion needs.