Mohammed Soliman League Of Legends Guide For High ELO Gameplay

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Mohamed SolimanPhoto Credit: Mohamed Soliman

League of Legends by Riot Games is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game oriented towards the renowned Warcraft 3. For starters, you require a PC with a processor of about 2GHz, 1GB RAM, a capable video card, preferably Direct X9.0, and 750MB free hard disk space. Mohamed Soliman provides useful insights for becoming a great League of Legends player as per his experience.

Map Awareness

Great map awareness is vital in the League of Legends. At any one point, you must have a count of where your enemy champions are in your head. A frequent look at your minimap will give you this data. For instance, if the map shows you that there is one champion in each lane on Summoner’s Rift, that will automatically tell you that the Jungler and one other Champion are missing in action. This information on your enemy’s whereabouts will help you decide on gameplay. Mohamed Soliman advises that if all five champions are missing in action, you need to be cautious. Alternatively, if you can locate all 5 of them on the map, you can throw all caution to the wind and be aggressive. 


Wards are critical and tie in with map awareness. Buying wards keep you from getting killed 25% of the time, and therefore you must weigh your stakes and come up with a strategy. One green ward costs 75g; therefore, four make for 300g, which is the same amount of Gold you are given for a champion kill. Mohamed Soliman says that buying four wards is worth it if it saves you from being killed because when you die, 300g will be given to the enemy killer, and you will miss out on minion waves of experience and 10-18 last hits.

Ideally, according to Mohamed Soliman, the cost of dying is higher than that of buying wards to prevent you from dying.

Learn from Every Game and Every Mistake

Mohamed Soliman says that the only way to grow from the mistakes you make in each game is to identify them and develop a strategy to avoid them and do better in your consecutive games.

Mistakes apply to every player in the game, from teammates to enemies. An enemy team could have gotten Baron because no one in your group warded it. An enemy could have also walked into five of you and died. Noting these little mistakes, analyzing the patterns, and not making them ultimately makes you a good player.

Learn from great players

Subsequently, Mohammed Soliman adds that you can add great players who kick ass in the game to your friends’ list and have a chat with them about their techniques. From runes to masteries and other tips that they may have to give you.

Mohamed Soliman is a professional League of Legends Player and gives numerous approaches to becoming a kick-ass league of legends player.