Real Estate Is The Best Investment: Real Estate Investor Pat Mazza

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Pat MazzaPhoto Credit: Pat Mazza

Pat Mazza says that 90% of all millionaires get to that level of wealth through real estate investment.

In a world where the worth of products changes daily, one cannot help but wonder where we should be placing our money right now. The answer, according to Real Estate investment mogul Pat Mazza, lies in the property.

It is no big secret that money makes the world go round. The secret seems to be in how you get said money, to begin with. The truth of the matter is that landlords are richer than the rest of us. Owning a property grants you the ability to charge rent, live rent-free, and scrape together a little patch of the earth to call your own… It also allows you to create serious revenue if you know how to do it properly.

Real Estate Makes the Best Investment

It is true. Most of the investments we make in life are deprecative. Over time, their value gets lower. Think of the adage about a car losing value the second you drive it off the lot, and you will not be far wrong. 

However, there are a few areas where it pays big dividends to keep something over time. Gold is usually one of these, as are Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. The one thing that remains a staple throughout the years is the investments we put into owning property. 

Pat Mazza – and the College Investor – reckon that 90% of the world’s millionaires got to where they are by investing in properties. It is the one investment you make that will continue to pay you back, year after year. 

Becoming a landlord is easy to do, can get you up to another rung on the property ladder, and might even be used to generate wealth well into your old age. Building a fortune starts with a single step… so how do you start buying property to get rich?

Should I Become a Landlord?

All you need is the initial investment or a fraction of the mortgage’s cost on a new property to make a down payment. Once you have secured the property, spend some time investing in the interior, the mechanics of the house, and improving the overall appearance. You can then house flip the property by selling it on to those who want to live in it, or you can repay your mortgage by renting it out for more than the mortgage costs you every month. 

If you choose to sell the property, take away the initial investment and the money spent refurbishing it, and you will be left with a few thousand in profits (hopefully). Renting is the more profitable option long-term… primarily if you accrue several properties that all operate similarly.

In either event, a house will make you profit. Therefore, just like Pat Mazza, real estate moguls have been advising property investments as a near-passive income for the last few years.