The Jaw-Dropping Architecture Of Yodezeen Design Studios

Written in partnership with DN News DeskYodezeen Design StudiosPhoto Credit: Yodezeen Design StudiosThe Kiev-based collective of architects has a portfolio of truly astonishing works of architecture. With architecture and interior design ranging from 1920’s New York to mid-century and hyper-modern brutalism, Yodezeen Design Studios is in a league of their own.  

Yodezeen Design Studios is a high-end design studio for architecture and interior design that has been involved in some breath-taking developments. Featured in countless top design and lifestyle magazines, the collective of high profile professionals enjoys a stand-out position in the industry. From futuristic super-villas in the forests around Moscow to dream houses in the Hollywood Hills, these architects are completing the types of orders that other architects only dream of.

Clients range from residential super-projects to commercial interiors such as the recent work in Kiev for Oyster Restaurant “Catch” that introduced a 1920’s New York type of style to the city’s culinary locations. Another local client that recently received a full Yodezeen interior design is the 3000 square foot ReFuture clinic, which included their trademark natural fabrics such as rocks and travertine staircases along with high polished steel and glass arrangements.

The multi-award-winning studios have been featured on the cover of AD, as well as several other top magazines such as Elle Design, L’Officiel, and Home & Style Magazine. Yodezeen stands for high-end luxury, with a large team of top-level designers and architects dedicated to their projects.

Yodezeen Design StudiosPhoto Credit: Yodezeen Design StudiosThe ability to integrate the natural surroundings into their architecture is absolutely unique and beautiful, with places like the ‘Forest House’ underlining this statement. In this case, the architects integrated the trunks of the trees into the actual house. And between all of the modern structures and the high functionality, these places leave room for nature to coexist within the design. These are truly works of art that are reserved exclusively for the clients of Yodezeen.

For a closer look at their prestigious designs and architecture, just visit their website. Whether it’s the Dream House in California’s Hollywood Hills, or the mysterious and intriguingly clean and dark structure of the extraordinary Hillside House in the woods around Moscow, these houses will exceed your wildest architectural dreams and leave you in awe.