Insurtech Pioneer Andrew Jernigan Shares Blueprint To Success in Insurtech Industry

Written in partnership with DN News DeskAndrew JerniganPhoto Credit: Andrew JerniganAndrew Jernigan is an insurance-with-advanced-tech-enabled-features technology pioneer who aims to provide unrivaled insurance products to digital nomads, travelers, remote workers, and global employees. He has successfully combined his skills as a risk management professional and his years of ex-pat living and travel experience to develop Insured Nomads, the first insurtech in global benefits, offering a full portfolio of insurance solutions for the globally mobile.

Insured Nomads serves clients who understand the importance of wisely safeguarding their health and finances. CEO and Founder, Andrew Jernigan states, “We provide a product that is the most robust solution for protecting people’s health, financial stability, personal safety, and security. We have developed the first insurtech for remote workers, digital nomads, ex-pats, and global employees to provide better benefits at reasonable pricing. We offer exceptional levels of service in multiple markets direct to the consumer and through select brokers and strategic partnerships.” 

Understand the Market

In formulating insurance solutions for remote workers and digital nomads, it is good to have a clear understanding of the market. Andrew has represented over 25 of the leading international health insurance companies and worked in technology and crisis response/travel assistance bringing an in-depth understanding of what’s missing, what’s being ignored, and what needs re-imagining. There was a huge gap when it came to offering insurance for the international lifestyle. His interest in people and human development furthered the need for coming up with an innovation that would help a largely untapped market. Andrew shares, “I want to see people thrive, grow and be their best, and they can do that with us carrying the risk for their health and security protection.” Together with Allen Koski, President and Chief Innovation Officer and the executive management team, and the investors that have backed them (including Hustle Fund, Mucker Capital, and others) they are set to rock the norms of global health insurance.

“We do not need another copy of the same book with a well-designed cover when it comes to insurance for nomads. We need stronger, tailor-made solutions that truly respond to the need of a free-spirited world explorer. Insured Nomads is bringing the available technologies coupled with a global network of hospitals and care providers, emergency response services, and features integration that make it easy to use,” says Andrew.

Offer a Unique Selling Point

In addition to understanding the market, a successful blueprint is also guided by a unique, stand-out factor. Andrew Jernigan believes that Insured Nomads exhibits this distinction by way of its products. Insured Nomads is unique to the core. “We are wild about seeing people get better insurance with stronger protection,” he says.

The company further distinguishes itself with its emphasis on philanthropy. Andrew adds, “We are fanatical about giving generously to see that human trafficking is stopped and that those affected get help through the global nonprofit organization Not For Sale. We are innovators and run with those who do outstanding work in all facets of life. Our company matters because everyone is worth more than they realize and they deserve an insurance company that knows and cares for the new nomad.”

Success requires a set of blueprints that aids the entrepreneur in designing the best business strategy. Andrew Jernigan believes that an interest in and care for people combined with an understanding of the market are key factors that contribute to a winning strategy in the insurtech industry.