Millennial Entrepreneur Luke Anderson Coaches Aspiring Entrepreneurs The Art Of The Hustle

Written in partnership with Cele Media

Luke AndersonPhoto Credit: Luke AndersonSome people hustle hard while others hustle smarter. Millennial entrepreneur Luke Anderson does the latter. As someone who has had a hand in around 40 businesses by the time he was 30, Luke knows a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. Today, he teaches other aspiring entrepreneurs a no-BS approach to success that helps get them unstuck incredibly quickly and moving quickly towards success.

Launching a business is something Luke is very knowledgeable about and experienced with. After all, he has been doing so since he was a young teenager. From buying and selling cars to DJing to owning nightclubs, Luke has done it all, and then some.

Today, Luke is investing in businesses, but more importantly, he also invests in people. To date, all of the deals and ventures he has been involved in have produced astonishing tens of millions in sales revenue, spread out across ten verticals that are managed by hundreds of staff members. He has traveled to over 100 countries to close deals and teach others about how to follow in his footsteps towards extraordinary success.

To succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to be passionate about what it is you are doing. Getting motivated and staying motivated can be challenging at times, especially if your passion doesn’t match up with what you are doing. That is why Luke strongly suggests new entrepreneurs get involved with something they genuinely enjoy. It will feel less like work and more like a hobby, but one that takes up way more time than a regular job.

Luke AndersonPhoto Credit: Luke AndersonLuke has never been the kind of person to abide by the “traditional” way of doing anything. This maverick mindset has been a tremendous help in all of his successes throughout the years. Since he has become so successful, he now feels it is time to give back, and that is exactly what he has been doing.

Numerous community charity drives and donations to shelters in Africa have been initiated by Luke. These fundraising initiatives were to help women, children, animals, and others who were less fortunate and needed a hand up. He looks at raising funds himself or through any one of his many businesses for charity. To get the support required for these endeavors, he relies on the community and local businesses.

Luke doesn’t seem to have an “Off” button. He is always on and working towards something. He would rather always be working on himself than working for himself, which explains why he got such an early start on his entrepreneurial path. Since he’s still very young, Luke has his sights set on achieving even greater things, especially when it comes to helping others. This is someone you will want to keep your eye on.

You can connect with Luke on LinkedIn, follow him on Instagram, or head over to his website to learn more about how he can help you.