The Best Online Workout Program Of 2020: FITFOREVER

Written in partnership with Thomas Herd

Dr. Jeremy JamesPhoto Credit: Dr. Jeremy JamesAs the Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly impacted life for Americans everywhere in ways both big and small, people’s fitness routines have been greatly disrupted since the virus’s onset in early March. These days, since gyms and studios are mostly closed, fitness enthusiasts have been forced to jump through hoops, just to get a simple workout completed. As a result, tons of new online fitness solutions have developed over the last nine months, yet with so many new options, who knows which one really is the best?

But the well-known and respected Dr. Jeremy James out of Aspen, Colorado recently developed FITFOREVER, a fitness platform that checks every box, with its personalization features as well as its ease of use being that members can exercise from virtually anywhere. Currently, the market for online fitness is oversaturated with programs that are non-customizable and generally have a “one-size-fits-all” approach that focuses mostly on getting a person’s heart rate up. But as the first of its kind, FITFOREVER is a program that caters to anyone and every one, wherever they are on the fitness spectrum. With new and effective methods, FITFOREVER seems to be the best online program in the digital fitness market.

From the get-go, members are immersed in a completely personalized experience where they undergo a self-assessment that evaluates them and their abilities so that the FITFOREVER program can assign the appropriate exercises. The app’s algorithm compiles the info from each member’s assessment to create a digital manifestation of a program based on how Dr. James and his team of experts would treat them in person. Each member’s plan is stored in a profile where members can log in and find new content each time they complete a workout. Each workout is designed based on a member’s progress, body, physical limitations, available equipment, and even goals. But what sets FITFOREVER apart is the program’s dedication to their safety-first approach to fitness.

“Through my years of helping patients and seeing so many programs out there that can be dangerous for people without proper guidance, I saw a need to provide consumers with an educational foundation for greater mobility and healthy living,” says Dr. James. “My goal for FITFOREVER was to create a fitness platform led by medical professionals and experts in human biomechanics which consumers of all ages and fitness levels could use to improve their body in a safe, comprehensive way while setting the foundation to remain active and fully functional well into their 80s and 90s.”

Here are the top five reasons why FITFOREVER is the best online fitness platform of 2020:

Personalization – Unlike most of the online fitness programs and platforms currently out there, FITFOREVER starts and ends with you in mind. After members enroll, a program is designed and customized, taking into account goals, fitness level, any existing pain or injury, as well as a member’s equipment that they have available for use. Once a member’s program is in place, each day, users can access the Today’s FIT portal where a new workout will appear based on the user’s progress and fitness level. So as a member continues to workout and complete different exercises, they will see how their respective programs build off of previous workouts and videos. FITFOREVER is also a key for helping members improve areas like balance, mobility, strength in key areas, posture, spine function, and more in order to help members become stronger and leaner with the whole-body approach in mind.

Designed by the Experts – FITFOREVER is undoubtedly the only fitness program out there that can claim to be created and designed by industry-leading experts, including doctors, surgeons, Olympic trainers, physical therapists, and more. For a full rundown of the FITFOREVER expert staff, visit their website. No other fitness platform can compete with the experts at FITFOREVER so when members go through a workout via their portal, they know it was designed with a purpose. The team of experts knows the human body and how it works in harmony. They help members eliminate pain during exercise and instruct on how to perfect exercises as simple as squats, planks, lunges, and more.

Simplicity at Its Best – One of the most appealing things about FITFOREVER is its simplicity and accessibility. While the trendy fitness platforms Peloton and Crossfit are known for their chic aesthetic, FITFOREVER is proof that it isn’t the “cool factor” that gets people fit and healthy. While many continue to buy into the trend of fitness fads, FITFOREVER is built on the fundamentals of health and fitness. Dr. James’ designed the program to be simple and easy to follow, yet extremely effective. So even if you’re nervous about using a digital fitness platform, the FITFOREVER interface is designed to be encouraging, welcoming, and user-friendly. In addition, the majority of the platform’s instructors are 40+ years old and they focus on safety, technique, and proper instruction. With FITFOREVER, there’s zero intimidation factor. And as an added bonus, each workout is filmed overlooking vast mountainous backdrops to create a peaceful and refreshing workout environment.

Training for Life, Not Calories – When most people sign up for a new fitness class or program, it’s usually with a short-term goal in mind. Whether it’s losing 10 pounds for a beach vacation or wedding, shedding weight from holiday eating, or chasing the coveted six-pack, fitness goals like these are often unsustainable and unrealistic, setting you up for failure from the start. FITFOREVER helps people gain a realistic understanding of whole-body fitness and health. Dr. James’s platform cares more about its members’ before and after feeling, not their before and after photo. So if you’re ready to put aside unsustainable fitness habits, FITFOREVER is ready to help members adopt principles that encourage and facilitate health and longevity. And with a recent uptick and emphasis on health and wellness across the nation, FITFOREVER falls in line with promoting a comprehensive approach on health, wellness, and fitness.

Pricing – While one might think that with so many great perks, FITFOREVER could be out of their budget, but their affordable pricing proves quite the contrary. With a platform and program that’s essentially like having your own personal trainer whenever and wherever members will pay either $14.99 a month or $99 a year. The program is unbeatable, offering pricing that personal training can’t compete with. Instead of paying an average of $55 for a single personal training session, with FITFOREVER, members pay a fraction of the price and get an endless number of workouts. With such an unbeatable price, it’s honestly a shame not to try it. If you’re still not convinced, you can try it out yourself as the platform additionally offers a seven-day trial for free.

“Our method is simple,” says Dr. James. “At FITFOREVER, our focus is on building a highly functional body that feels great. Looking good is just a wonderful side effect.”

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