Surgeon Dr. Guillermo Alvarez: A Best-Selling Author With More Than 7 Books On The Gastric Sleeve

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Dr. Guillermo AlvarezPhoto Credit: Dr. Guillermo AlvarezThose suffering from obesity find themselves bombarded continuously by unsolicited advice on how to lose weight. They also have to bear with the persuasive media presence of unattainable body images, and it can feel like there is nowhere they can turn for help. Through his medical expertise, world-renowned bariatric surgeon Dr. Guillermo Alvarez helps those having to contend with the struggles of obesity.

Dr. Alvarez was featured as a ‘Nationwide Leader in Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgery’ by Newsweek Magazine and designated as a ‘Master Surgeon in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.’ But more than any of these accolades, Dr. Alvarez is trusted. Patients seek out his expertise in gastric sleeve surgery from all over the world. Dr. Alvarez first began performing the gastric sleeve surgery in 2006 and quickly became an expert in the procedure. For those around the globe who cannot travel to Mexico to be treated by him, he is also a prolific author. Dr. Alvarez has written seven best-selling books on gastric sleeve surgery to educate, support, and reassure those on their gastric sleeve journey. He has penned an informative collection of books that aim to answer any questions that those considering or about to undergo gastric sleeve surgery may have. The collection is titled ‘#AskDrA’ and through four volumes, Dr. Alvarez provides an invaluable resource of information for patients. He has also authored several other titles on gastric sleeve surgery, including; ‘Successful Weight Loss With The Gastric Sleeve’ and ’34 Sleeve Patient Stories: The real truth about Gastric Sleeve surgery in Mexico.’ In speaking of why he chose to dedicate his medical career to helping those with obesity, Dr. Alvarez says, “I felt that helping people overcome obesity and attain a better quality of life would be very gratifying.”

Dr. Alvarez is a third-generation doctor, having followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. But it is his personally achieved accomplishments that make it clear why so many patients seek his help. He is one of only twelve surgeons with the designation of Surgeon of Excellence by an independent review board. Through his skill as a doctor and talent as an author, Dr. Guillermo Alvarez is an invaluable ally for those battling obesity.