Austin Ermes Is The Professional Videographer Who Helped Nelk Boys Become Incredibly Popular

Austin ErmesPhoto Credit: Austin Ermes

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Nelk Boys is a brand name that most high schoolers and college-going bros know very well. That’s because the name belongs to a group of professional pranksters who also get into hot water quite often. Their content is captivating, exciting, hilarious, outrageous, and shocking. Die-hard fans can’t wait until the next video drops every Monday like clockwork. Behind the camera shooting all the action is Austin Ermes.

Austin is the director of content for Nelk Boys and their brand Full Send. He’s worked with the team for almost three years now, helping craft gripping videos that average over five million views. For a channel with over six million subscribers, that’s quite impressive. Austin, along with his team of editors, crafts every Nelk video so that it outdoes the last one.

After being in the role for some time now, Austin really enjoys being the director of content for this brand. The Nelk Boys YouTube channel has nearly a billion views, which makes it very obvious that there is fierce demand for their antics. This Canadian crew is based out of southern California now, and owes much of its recent success to the professional videography skills of Austin Ermes.

Austin is someone who isn’t afraid to boldly venture into new territory. He has done so quite literally with his relocation to Nova Scotia from Ontario, followed by a big leap over to California. When it comes to video and production, he also has pushed the envelope for how to create hard-hitting video content that doesn’t skimp on entertainment and production value. Nelk Boys are infamous now, having been featured in news reports repeatedly. Helping cement this notorious legacy is Austin, since, without the videos, there would be nobody around to see what antics they get up to.

Austin ErmesPhoto Credit: Austin Ermes

Austin and his team also hype up the merchandise drops that Nelk Boys makes most of its money off of. Given how no advertisers will be daring enough to take the risk of running ads on their videos, they had to get creative. Doing so led them to earn far more money than they would have with monetized videos. Their merch sells out within minutes, indicating just how popular their own brand has become. People can’t wait to get their hands on some of their branded merch, whether it’s shot glasses, apparel, or something else.

Thanks to Austin’s professional video-making skills, Nelk Boys drop a new video every Monday that becomes instantly viral. That is the work of someone who is living their passion and dream. Austin used to be someone who had no idea who Nelk Boys were besides vaguely knowing they did pranks. He quickly realized he resonated strongly with what they were doing, which is why this all-star team of Canadian pranksters has enjoyed tremendous success over the past few years.

If you want to support Austin Ermes, AKA Ausgod, check out the Nelk Boys YouTube channel and follow Ausgod himself on Instagram, @Ausgod.