Motivational Speaker Jay Jay On Traveling The Globe And Addressing Audiences In 30 Countries

Jay JayPhoto Credit: Jay Jay

Written in partnership with DN News Desk 

As a child, Joshua Jayaweera had a dream. He didn’t want to be a pop star, footballer, or famous actor; his dream was a lot simpler. He wanted to travel the world, meet people, and talk to them.

It’s safe to say that Joshua, now known as Jay Jay, has more than realized that dream as an adult. The Australian international speaker has given inspiring and keynote speeches in thirty countries and motivated and moved more people than he ever thought possible.

“People are my passion and purpose. It’s as simple as that,” explains the entrepreneur from Sydney. “In my working life, I’ve worn many hats. I’ve been a magician, a TV host, a nightclub manager, and a digital creator, but in every job I’ve ever done, it’s always been about the people. I believe in showing them what’s possible and hopefully inspiring them to be the best possible version of themselves, they can possibly be.”

As anyone who’s been to one of Jay Jay’s electrifying speeches will testify, he certainly has a knack for engaging and galvanizing people en masse. Such is his reputation, Fortune 500 companies such as Virgin, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, and Audi have headhunted him to host events.

Jay Jay explains, “I run a speaking business where I speak to entrepreneurs and corporate companies about resilience and mindset when it comes to winning at life.”

Winning at life is something Jay Jay has firsthand experience of. As a magician, he wowed crowds the world over, and his YouTube channel was popular with millions. Alongside public speaking, his other passion is strategically coaching personal brands on using their social influence properly to then ‘blow-up’ on the internet.

Yet it’s engaging and connecting with millions of people across the globe that he regards as his true calling in life.

Jay Jay reveals, “Most speakers are boring and can’t engage their audience, and most coaches don’t deliver actual results. I pride myself on being able to do both. I’ve spoken in front of audiences the world over, and each one is different. You need to tune in to their needs, address their concerns, and speak in such a way that they feel like they’re the only person in the room. It doesn’t matter how large the audience is; when I talk, I’m addressing each and every individual. People have and always will be my sole motivation.”