Business Coach Marc Galal Explains How He Harnesses NLP to Transform People’s Lives

Marc GalalPhoto Credit: Marc Galal

Written in partnership with DN News Desk 

Richard Bandler, the famous co-founder of Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP, once said, “The greatest personal limitation is to be found not in the things you want to do and can’t, but in the things you’ve never considered doing.” His protégé, Marc Galal, had never considered becoming a life and business coach until a fateful evening at a balcony in Dubai 21 years ago. As Galal watched the sun go down, he felt hope rising within him – a hope to make a difference to his life and the life of others. After 21 years of hitting bottom and reaching the top and traversing all forms of emotional and spiritual landscapes in between, Galal has become ‘Europe’s Life and Business Mentor #1.’ In this article, he explains how he harnesses NLP to transform people’s lives.

Talking about his background as an NLP master trainer, the bodybuilder-turned-entrepreneur-turned-motivational speaker says, “I am a licensed NLP master trainer of the Society of NLP (USA), trained personally by Richard Bandler. I was also trained in provocative therapy by the founder of this psychological approach, Frank Farrelly, and in hypnosis by Stephan Gilligan and other hypnosis teachers.” His rich roster of teachers along with a passion for helping other people and to take them “to their next level” have been crucial to his success.

When Marc decided to become an NLP trainer, he “came up with the idea to develop a form of NLP for salespeople. One that would help them use NLP language patterns to increase their sales and become a better version of themselves to cope with throwbacks and rejection. In the end, it became a system that helps people to be more successful and happy in every aspect of their lives.”

Galal has helped millions of entrepreneurs through his business mentoring programs, but “even though the numbers showing the success and progress of my participants give me a special kick, ‘life’ is my heart’s project. Through my mentoring system, people break blockades they are carrying around and start leading a better, freer, and more successful life. “

Galal is driven, open-minded, and empathic towards his customers, readers, and listeners. With more and more developments being made in NLP Research, Galal hopes to reach out to more people and help them take control over their personal and business life with the help of his NLP programs.