Sadaf Torabi Reveals Makeup Trends That Are Here To Stay 

Sadaf TorabiPhoto Credit: Sadaf Torabi

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Makeup is an obsession for many. You may get tons of calls from your friends asking for suggestions on what makeup to apply and how to use it. Well, even the veterans need to freshen up their ideas to satisfy their friends, relatives, and colleagues. Here are a few makeup trends experts believe will dominate 2020, so you’d better try them out right now to bring out the best version of yourself.

Brightly colored mascara

Black mascara is a thing of the past now. It is high time you break the trend and try something new. According to Sadaf Torabi, one of the most well-known makeup artists, colorful mascara will rule in 2020. Sadaf is not only a renowned makeup artist but also a makeup trainer, social media influencer, and beauty blogger. She believes that you can try a variety of colored mascara, such as green, deep-blue, or even bright pink, to accentuate your eyes. You will get a lot of heads turning back to admire your look.

Shades of neon

Minimalistic neon shades in your eyes, with a dab of colorful mascara, can make you look like one of the fairies in fantasy movies. Over the years, people have gotten tired of neon because of its excessive brightness. However, tapping a small neon shade in the corners of your eyes gives a minimalistic look, which makes you look distinctively different from others. Make sure you don’t sweep a neon shadow on your eyelids like your friends. This may result in awkward stares, the last thing you want in 2020.

Floating eyeliner

Sadaf, in one of her makeup tutorial videos on Instagram, mentioned that your eyeliner doesn’t need to follow your eyelash anymore. You can grab your favorite liner color and create lines just where the eyelids end. You can add an eye-shadow underneath, but make sure it has a different color. This will make your eyeliner look as if it is floating. It looks really cool and hippy on youngsters.

Subtle lip stain

You may not endorse a super-bold lip color all the time. At least 2020 may not appreciate that style wholeheartedly. This year is all about breaking the conventional barriers and trying something new. Sadaf suggests that subtle lip stains make you look sexier. It follows the concept of less is more. It gives you a wash of dreamy and soft color even while accentuating your lips. Plus, these lip stains don’t smear and don’t require frequent touchups.

Red smokey eyes

There are fewer things that your other body parts can do than what your eyes do singlehandedly. Looks can kill. And if you believe in that statement, go for red smokey eyes. It’s one of the biggest trends in the makeup industry right now. It makes you look hot right from the moment you finish shadowing your eyes. If you don’t like red, go for navy-blue or forest green.

With so many makeup trends available, you can try one every other month and startle your friends and colleagues with your fashion statements.