Visual Artist Dangiuz Explains How Technology Will Revolutionize Hollywood

DangiuzPhoto Credit: Dangiuz

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

People today are being driven indoors more and more due to the global pandemic. The result is the workplace invading the privacy of home, and the rise of a new type of customer service that relies on innovation and new methods to get things done. Our usual methods of entertainment and leisure are seeing us enjoy everything from the comfort of our couches. Visual artist Dangiuzlooks at how technology can prove itself in the future.

Even before the pandemic, technology was slowly taking over the world. Nothing can escape it—and our reliance on technology has only grown stronger with the pandemic. The reality is that now people depend on it for a variety of things to escape the detriment from social distancing.

“Technology has a way of enriching our lives, even more so now that the pandemic is raging. It definitely has to evolve in the field of art,” explainsDangiuz.In the world of cinema, people are becoming even more reliant on technology. For instance, special effects and computer graphics are already in heavy use, even in romantic movies. Lately, technology is helping to create complete, virtual online worlds, where people can log in and roam around at their leisure. “Given the current state of affairs we are seeing, technology will easily replace cinema as a method of escape from the real world.”

DangiuzPhoto Credit: Dangiuz

Originally from Turin, Italy, the 25-year-old artist knew he wanted to cultivate his skill as an artist from a young age. Over the years, Dangiuz has been an art director, and a graphic designer, since 2014, as soon as he received his diploma. In the following four years, he also discovered 3D artwork and slowly rose in his industry to become a 3D artist. Success followed him throughout his career, with his artwork appearing many times in prominent media and galleries such as the Maxon Gallery. He has also been successful as an artist for film, producing two short CG movies, which are currently in preproduction.

As a visual artist, Dangiuz was not affected by the pandemic. It only goes to show how technology isn’t limited by the effects of the pandemic and can thrive and flourish in any scenario.