Why Cryptograph Is The Hottest New Digital Collectible To Hit Hollywood

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Cryptograph has been taking Hollywood by storm. Everyone from Adrien Brody to Paris Hilton to Ashton Kutcher to Alec Monopoly are getting involved since it launched this past July. But what is it?

Co-founder Tommy Alastra with Ryan Phillippe

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Let us answer that for you. Cryptographs are one-of-a-kind digital collectibles created by icons and artists that support good causes… forever. Literally. Due to blockchain technology, each Cryptograph is 100% owned by the purchaser and cannot be forged or destroyed. A Cryptograph is a digital legacy. Using smart contract technology to process and automate all transactions in a secure and transparent environment, sustainable income allows creators and charities to share in profit participation. The charity gets a share of the revenue, not just from the initial auction sale, but also from every single bid and subsequent sale that occurs on the secondary market. The value is delivered over the long term to charity partners and interests remain forever aligned.

All transactions on the Cryptograph platform take place on the Ethereum blockchain. Everything is transparent and trackable, with no ‘creative accounting’ possible. The revenue share created for charity partners persists perpetually.

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So this is how it works: The digital collectibles are bought and sold at an auction, with the ETH doing some good in the world through this sustainable model opportunity of sharing in revenues. The charity gets a share of the revenue — not just from the initial auction sale (like most other companies do) — but also from every single bid and subsequent sale that occurs on the secondary market.  Cryptographs are an entirely new asset class of collectibles that users can invest in, trade and collect. Individuals can own one-off digital works made by the biggest pioneers in crypto, as well as by their favorite celebrities.

The company was founded by Perpetual Altruism, a team of entrepreneurs, impact investors and blockchain pioneers who believe in using technology to do good, including Tommy Alastra, a notable documentary film producer and entrepreneur, Edouard Bessire, Guillaume Gonnaud, Anthony John Bryan and Hugo McDonaugh (who also serves as Cryptograph’s CEO). We sat down with Alastra to learn more about his new and revolutionary platform, how it’s breaking boundaries and its mission to show the world that by applying commercial strategies to philanthropy, a greater and more sustainable impact for charities can be created.

Cryptograph Photo Credit: Cryptograph.co

How is Cryptograph leading in the crypto world?

We want Cryptograph to become the world’s leading publishing, auctioning, trading and discovery platform for the new market of collectible digital assets. Giving creators a new way to truly realize the intrinsic value of their work over the long term and giving collectors something special and historical that they truly own. We intend on achieving all of this whilst at the same redefining the way philanthropy is done forever by bringing charitable giving and fundraising into the future.

Why is Cryptograph the future of digital content?

Today digital content is all based on followers, likes, and views and it is monetized by selling attention (Youtube, Instagram etc.) or access (Netflix, Pateron etc.). Now, imagine a world where digital content can be truly owned and digital content can be truly scarce. Each person can have their own collection of unique digital assets that they truly own and that cannot be counterfeited, and people can curate, share and trade/make money directly from these new digital assets thanks to blockchain technology. This new opportunity for digital content is what we at Cryptograph find extremely exciting and the vision of a new digital world where the value of content is not just based on likes and views but rather real ownership and scarcity is what we are working towards and where we believe the future is. We at Cryptograph want to help build this future and at the same time find a new way of putting philanthropy at the core of all of it.

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What Makes Cryptograph a unique platform for luxury collectors?

We are creating historical one-of-a-kind digital collectibles made by some of the world’s most renowned icons and artists that exist forever and perpetually raise funds for good causes. Every piece is 1 of 1 and therefore absolutely scarce and the creators of these pieces are global icons. Plus if you participate in bidding and then you get outbid you make a financial return so even if you are not lucky enough to win and own a Cryptograph you still have fun, make a return and do some good! This is what makes Cryptograph unique and why luxury collectors are enticed to what the platform has to offer.

Is there such a thing as luxury NFT’s Or Non-Fungible Token as they are referred to?

Yes, there are. Cryptographs are luxury NFTs, in fact we are leading the way in the industry when it comes to the concept of a luxury NFT. Each Cryptograph is a one-of-a-kind work made by a world icon or artist making them utterly unique and highly desirable and very special. Also if one looks at the average price of an NFT in the market today and then one looks at the average price of a Cryptograph you can see what we mean by the idea of luxury NFTs.

Do you see NFT art becoming a staple item in peoples homes?

Absolutely I do! It’s already the case in many homes as you can decorate and show off your unique NFT art in your home using any digital screen. I find that NFT art looks particularly good on a Samsung Frame monitor myself. Also as we increasingly start to live more and more in the digital world I think that this trend of people displaying digital and NFT art in their homes will continue to grow.

What trends do you currently see in the Cryptosphere?

Definitely one of the big trends I’m seeing at the moment in the Cryptosphere is the growth of the DeFi space (Decentralized finance) primarily on Ethereum. Where we are seeing liquidity in these markets beginning to significantly increase and we are seeing many people and organizations experiment with what is possible within DeFi as we now start to see things like yield farming, governance tokens, decentralized exchanges and stablecoins etc really begin to take off.

The other trend albeit smaller than DeFi but which interests me more is the growth in demand and innovation that is currently happening in the NFT (Non Fungible token) space. We have seen the market more than triple in size since its beginnings in 2017 and we are seeing some really interesting innovations coming into to the foreground, such as social currencies that are pegged to NFT collections, new price discovery and auction systems such as our own GBM system, new ways to create and monetize culture markets and much more. Over the long term I think the power of Non Fungible Tokens and the new culture markets that will form around them is for me the most interesting market opportunity in the Cryptosphere.

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How does the platform change the way notable artists can sell their work?

Cryptograph ensures that artists (if they choose to take a revenue share) will receive their relevant portion of the revenue generated every time their work is transacted or bid on not only on the primary sale but also on the secondary market.
2. As everything happens on chain, artists can track the value and transactions in real time and all completely transparently and their work cannot be counterfeited.
3. Their work cannot be destroyed or damaged thanks to the blockchain, the digital nature of the Cryptograph and also our Renatus function. So the value created by their piece will persist perpetually for them and their descendants.
4. Anyone can interact with the Ethereum blockchain as long as you have an internet connection. So artists can publish a Cryptograph and it’s instantly accessible to a global market.
5. Artists can make use of our new price discovery and trading system ‘The GBM System’ so we can now find a truer market value for the artists work and also make sure that it always goes for its truest market value on the secondary market. Our system also makes it much harder for people to create black markets for artists’ work.
6. In the future if artists start to experiment with applying various monetization and commercial rights to their Cryptographs then this could become an entirely new way for artists to monetize and distribute (self publish) their work and earn more from it by by-passing many of the middlemen and distribution oligopolies that exist today, which is very exciting!

Co-founders Guillaume Gonnaud, Hugo McDonaugh and Edouard Bessire

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