Watch: Haute Living’s Webinar With Artist Romero Britto

Yesterday, Haute Living held one of its most anticipated webinars with an artist regarded around the world as nothing short of a trendsetter and generation-defining: Romero Britto.

Moderated by Haute Living Co-founder Seth Semilof, the Brazilian-born and longtime Miami resident Britto spoke from his own workshop, surrounded by his instantly-recognizable signature mix of colors that has been presented throughout the world. Watch the webinar below.

Like all of us, Britto has been seen the quarantine have an impact on his life. “It has been an opportunity; a time for reflection, to think about your life, your work, the people around you, things that are meaningful to you,” he said. “Even though I’m by myself, I can still do my work. It is challenging because I learned how to work with so many people (in the workshop) being engaged all day. Being by myself is something I don’t like; I’m not a loner.”

Britto spent the duration of the webinar standing up as he was showing off some of the pieces he is currently working on, and gave viewers a tour of the workshop. Among the pieces he showed was a special edition of “One World”, which he created in just the last weeks as a “thank you” to medical workers for their life-saving efforts, of which proceeds are being donated. “It is an homage to everybody in the hospitals. Sales of this piece go to St. Jude Hospital,” he said.

Britto has a digital art collection available online, a collaboration with video art platform leader Blackdove, to display his art on digital screens. “You can sit down for a little bit and forget about the world. Some beautiful pieces were selected for this collection.” The collection is currently available for a free 30-day trial.

Another highlight took place as Britto showed off the coloring book that he created to be downloaded free of charge. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, have already done so. (Download it at

Britto has also launched a registration for artists to become part of the Happy Art Movement. Semilof asked Britto to explain the Movement’s origins and development, which the latter obliged. “It is a movement that started in Brazil. I had a beautiful feeling inside of myself that I still have when I do my art. As I moved to the US, people collecting my work told me that my art made them happy. Little by little, things started happening and I began to be successful. One day, a teacher at the university told me, ‘Romero, you are starting a movement,’ which was amazing.”

Romero Britto webinar

The conversation also welcomed questions submitted by live viewers, including one that revealed Britto’s answer that he started as an artist at eight years of age.

On his outlook for the remainder of the year, Britto was, much like his art, optimistic. “I hope for the world, that we will get out of the (pandemic) stronger, better, more thoughtful to each other, and more successful personally. You can always be successful, but the most successful human beings are the ones that are happy. There are challenges, but we have to work hard.”