Vista Global Offers Complimentary Empty Leg Flights For Governments And Medical Workers

VistaJet_Challenger 850_InteriorPhoto Credit: Vista Global

Due to the current state of the world amid the global coronavirus pandemic, organizations continue to step up to offer support to those in need and most recently, private aviation giant Vista Global has offered to expand empty leg flights complimentary for governments and medical organizations that are in need of travel. This allows these individuals or groups to get to and from their destinations for essential travel with ease and without being exposed to germs along the way as they continue to work hard for the people throughout our country that are suffering from the pandemic.

The private aviation group, founded by Thomas Flohr, will utilize VistaJets and XO to provide access to over 115 aircraft during this time. From assisting in bringing home repatriate citizens who are stranded abroad to transporting healthcare professionals and medical supplies to the countries that need them the most, these individuals will now be able to do this with ease, taking advantage of VistaJet and XO’s efficient infrastructure and technology to book these flights at no cost.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Knowing the headaches of heavy logistics of permits and paperwork that go into transporting these individuals and supplies to go abroad right now, Vista Global has offered to ease that burden and encourage efficiency by assisting with getting the paperwork done.

“In the past 48 hours since VistaJet’s announcement, we have received a very positive response from Governments and medical organizations, so we have therefore decided to expand this offer to our group fleet of 115 aircraft throughout the world,” shares Vista Global’s Founder and Chairman, Thomas Flohr. “We understand that people need help, especially in times of instability, and now in expanding the availability also to XO’s fleet, we are able to use our entire global network, infrastructure, expertise and technologies to help even more communities in need.”

These flights will prioritize requests through the most critical cases that require urgency first and foremost, dedicated to do whatever they can to help provide their assistance to each person or team that has reached out for help. For more information about how to receive such assistance, please reach out to VistaJet’s dedicated web page.