Vista Global Is Set To Redefine Flying With XO Powered By JetSmarter

Traveling is always an exciting time. What isn’t fun is planning a trip, but having to wait for a flight time that could be later than expected. We have on-demand services for all other aspects of life, but it’s time to have on-demand for traveling especially flights. Vista Global recently announced XO, powered by JetSmarter technology, which is set to redefine flying with their on-demand flight access to book a private plane or a seat whenever you want.


Photo Credit: XO

Vista Global, the private aviation group founded by Thomas Flohr, announced the creation of XO, powered by JetSmarter technology, a global digital marketplace for private aviation. The launch of XO marks the start of a new world for private aviation customers. Built by combining the operational and customer-centric expertise of XOJET with the speed and convenience of technology originally developed by JetSmarter, the new brand will provide elevated services for on-demand private jet travel.

Photo Credit: XO

In the past, patrons looking for private jets would have to navigate the complex industry with no centralized platform. Now, they will be able to fly anytime, anywhere, at a moment’s notice through XO’s app or online platform.

“In the first month after closing our acquisition of JetSmarter for its innovative technology, we have worked relentlessly to establish a new company, a new brand and new products to fulfill our vision to serve every single customer in the business aviation market. XO, powered by JetSmarter technology, is well equipped to address the $11B per year global market of On Demand business aviation, as well as the new market of customers moving up from First and Business class. We are ready to go live and introduce our suite of XO solutions to the market.” states Thomas Flohr, Vista Global’s Founder and Chairman.

Photo Credit: XO

Current XOJET and JetSmarter Members will have the option to switch to XO’s enhanced membership benefits, including additional rewards for loyal customers. The launch of the new marketplace illustrates the speed of change and a range of solutions that Vista Global is bringing to the aviation market. With VistaJet and XO, the group is able to serve the entire spectrum of business aviation users.