Ignite Develops Into A Well-Rounded Global Brand With Close To $100M Support From Investors

As a rush of new reputable media sources–from Entrepreneur, Maxim, YahooGatherX, etc.–begin to give Dan Bilzerian well-deserved credit for his strategic leadership role behind the success of the 1-year-old Ignite International Brands, Ltd. (CSE:BILZ, OTCQX:BILZF), the public company founded and led by Bilzerian as CEO, which has raised close to a total of $100M in investor backing, we should be aware that Ignite is now much bigger than just the celebrity of its founder.

Ignite Jan2020Photo Credit: Donald Cerrone

Ignite has truly taken a life of its own with its latest initiatives being spearheaded by other major celebrities and cultural events.

One very prominent and contemporary example is MMA superstar Donald Cerrone whose reliance on Ignite CBD has been well documented throughout his training camp with respect to the recent bout against the sport’s top icon; Connor McGregor.

Donald “The Cowboy” Cerrone attributes his capability to perform at the world-class level due to the sustainable training and healing regiment that Ignite CBD supports.

So just as the focus of the brand expands past Bilzerian, so too do the applications of the brand expand far past cannabis.

In fact, Cerrone reveals perhaps an equally powerful application for Ignite, which is still coherent with its all-around bad boy image.

While this is intriguing to see for the new versatility Ignite is growing to have, it is even more reassuring to Ignite supporters, as it builds a more diverse offering (and by extension revenue) portfolio for the company.

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