Venus Williams Shares Her Top 7 Fitness Tips To Get In Shape For Summer

Venus Williams Photo Credit: FabFitFun

When we need fitness advice, we turn to Venus Williams. The incredibly fit tennis pro with a plethora of trophies to her name (including seven Grand slam titles and five Wimbledon championships) is the queen of working out, with a fierce, fit form to show for it. Here, Williams shares her seven top fitness tips for summer and discusses her new collaboration with FabFitFun—which includes her brand new must-buy workout product, the EleVen by Venus Jump Rope.

Venus WilliamsPhoto Credit: FabFitFun


1. Do something that is sustainable. Find a workout that you love so that way you’ll keep doing it.
2. Mix it up. Always mix it up! Add in some plyometrics, add in some running, add in some swimming. Challenge your body in different ways so that you’re working that total body.
3. Don’t try to be perfect. Realize that you can’t workout seven days a week every week, but just do it most of the time so that way you don’t have to worry about being perfect you just know most of the time you’re going to do it.
4. Same thing with eating. Eat well most of the time. Sometimes you’re going to have the fries or the donut or whatever. Some of the time you’re going to have it but most of the time no. Just have balance.
5. Community. It’s nice if you have people to workout with and train with.
6. Stretch. Stretching is key to aging well, it’s key to preventing injuries and it’s key in releasing those unbelievable endorphins!
7. Foam rolling. You can foam roll your whole body and you can do all these amazing trigger points using a foam roller or a tennis ball.

What’s your go-to work out when you don’t have much time?

I’ve got to be honest, my whole life is a workout so I’ve got to make time. But I would say my go to would be interval training for 10 minutes. Sprint on the treadmill, jumps, a different variety of planks to engage the whole body – then you’ve kind of got it all in!

How can you incorporate the EleVen jump rope that you collaborated with FFF on into your fitness routine?

So many ways! You can use it to stretch, you can use it for arms, you can use it for legs and you can use it for core. And the best way to find out is to go check out the videos [on FFF Live] because we showed you how. There’s no rocket science to it!

Why did you decide to partner with FFF?

FabFitFun approached us and it was so exciting because we love them and what they are doing. We immediately were like “Wow!” We’re hoping to continue the partnership and hopefully everyone who is doing the subscription box or looking at the videos is also benefitting [from the partnership].

Venus WilliamsPhoto Credit: Steven Hodel/