Pikoh Debuts In West L.A., Introducing A Melting-Pot Menu Of Diverse Cultures

Tonkatsu Pikoh (Credit_ Carrie Rollings)Photo Credit: Carrie Rollings

Take a trip around the world at West Los Angeles’ brand-new, all-day eatery, Pikoh. The concept is brought forth by chef Partner Ricardo Zarate with longtime protégé and Chef de Cuisine James Jung helming the kitchen. The dream team has created the innovative dining destination, which blends a handful of varying cultures together with a diverse range of mouth-watering dishes. From Latin, Asian and American flavors, the chefs offer a menu with something for everyone, no matter how discerning the palette.

With an open floor plan, Pikoh offers a warm and earthy vibe, decorated with cascading greenery, skylights, warm wood and white with colorful pops of lemon, blue and brass completing the space. It serves as the ultimate Los Angeles hangout, perfect for a daytime destination or a cozy night out that brings the comforting feeling of coming home every time you walk through its doors. The restaurant features a front lounge, coffee counter, full bar and main dining room, of which different spaces are utilized throughout the day.

Carrot Salad Pikoh (Credit Carrie Rollings)Photo Credit: Carrie Rollings

Focusing on Pikoh’s ethos of presenting a “melting pot menu,” chefs Zarate and Jung highlight tastes influenced by their heritage and years lived in L.A. with signature dishes like the crispy Tonkatsu sandwich; Israeli-style Shakshuka; a mouth-watering hanger steak with roasted potatoes, cabernet tomato, chimichurri, sunny side eg; Vegan Beet Bao buns with meat-free beet jerky, cilantro and a hoisin-gochujang sauce that gives each bite a powerful kick; or Shigoku Oysters decorated with avocado mousse, ponzu and kizami wasabi. Each plate is presented artfully and offers the palette a powerful yet perfectly balanced combination of flavors that add Pikoh’s signature flair to traditionally loved dishes.

From 7 a.m.-5 p.m., Pikoh serves as a breakfast destination with counter service. Breakfast and lunch dishes skew healthy but certainly do not lack in flavor or innovation with highlights including a no-sugar-added Breakfast Bowl with activated charcoal, coconut milk, granola, banana, strawberry, popped quinoa and coconut shavings; the classic Smoked Salmon Tartine with an Asian touch, topped with capers, yuzu kosho cream cheese and a poached egg. Lunch items include a protein-packed Grilled Tuna salad with pickled fennel, orange dressing and chimichurri; or Chickpea Hummus with Steamed Mussels that will have your taste buds rejoicing as you breathe in the delicious aromas of aji Amarillo and lemon sauce, accompanied by a house-made quinoa toast for healthy dipping. Pikoh also offers brunch service on the weekends from 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Oysters Pikoh (Credit_ Carrie Rollings)Photo Credit: Carrie Rollings

Pikoh transitions to full-service dinner starting at 6 p.m. To accompany the rich bites, the spot has developed a menu of creative libations to complete the dining experience. Developed by mixologist Matheus Dela Rune from the Barnum Cafè in Rome and helmed by Lead Bartender Jamie Clark, there’s nothing the duo can’t whip up. Signature cocktails dabble in tastes from global destinations like Brazil with the Brazilian Batida—cachaça, coconut mix, lime and nutmeg; Italy with the Milano Torino—Campani and sweet vermouth; and the Caribbean showcased by the It Was Obeah cocktail—created with Jamaican rum, lime, house-made Caribbean sorrel and all-spice crust. Additionally, there’s a handful of non-alcoholic concoctions that follow suit in the same creative fashion, such as the Iranian-inspired Sekanjabin with honey, apple cider, vinegar, mint, water and cucumber.

Pikoh is a destination created for everyone, whether a Los Angeles local, a foreign transplant or a visitor—where a handful of vibrant destinations throughout the globe are represented with expert craft and precision, bringing forth a truly unique culinary experience to L.A.

For more information, please visit https://pikohla.com/.

_Squash Soup Pikoh (Credit_ Carrie Rollings)Photo Credit: Carrie Rollings