Natura Bissé Bubble Facial Available At Neiman Marcus Now

The bubble
The bubble

Photo Credit: Natura Bissé

Barcelona-based skincare brand Natura Bissé is in town this week offering its bubble facial exclusively at Neiman Marcus. The luxe treatment is the ideal beauty preparation for the busy holiday season. What makes the facial so unique? The fact that it takes place in a pure air bubble. Clean oxygen is pumped into the bubble (which is a giant white tent) creating an environment of 99.995% pure air that is free of toxins, allergens, and pollution.

36900004_2043208422662671_8448128030450122752_oPhoto Credit: Natura Bissé

As the body adjusts to breathing the pure air, it relaxes naturally and more deeply than it would in a non-pure atmosphere. Another plus of the air bubble? It allows the products to further permeate into the skin and increases their hydrating and plumping qualities. The resulting experience is unlike any other spa treatment out there.

45805282_2143036369346542_1201660149236760576_oPhoto Credit: Natura Bissé

The bubble is located on the fifth floor of Neiman Marcus near a series of glass windows that overlook Geary Street. Guests are invited to put on a robe and slippers before entering the bubble. Once inside, Natura Bissé’s expert esthetician will discuss your skin type and any concerns. From there, she’ll customize the facial to incorporate the products that are best for you. Natura Bissé makes eight different collections of products all focused on various specialties. The Inhibit collection is an alternative to micro-injections and other medical-aesthetic procedures while the Diamond collection is Natura Bissé’s classic anti-aging line.

16113113_1730836393899877_1357836219394655666_oPhoto Credit: Natura Bissé

The esthetician will mix and match products using multiple lines to create the most restorative and rejuvenating facial. For example, she might use the Diamond White cleanser, then the Cure exfoliator, followed by the Inhibit high definition intensive serum. The hour-long treatment includes a hand and neck massage. The entire thing is so relaxing and indulgent that you may end up falling asleep in the middle of it! Afterward, visit the Natura Bissé counter on the first floor and pick up any of the products featured during your treatment.

The Natura Bissé bubble facial is available now through Saturday, December 8 at Neiman Marcus. To make an appointment, contact the department store’s beauty director at 415.249.2740.