Petra Ecclestone On The Launch Of Maddox Gallery Los Angeles

Petra Ecclestone and Gallery Director Sam Palmer
Creative Director Petra Ecclestone and Gallery Director Sam Palmer

Photo Credit: Maddox Gallery

Maddox Gallery has become one of the rising stars in the art world within the past three years. The cutting-edge, London-based group now has a total of six galleries as it is about to debut its first U.S. location in none other than sunny Los Angeles. Petra Ecclestone will serve at the helm of Maddox Gallery Los Angeles as Creative Director, using her vast expertise and artistic touch to curate the space, transferring Maddox Gallery Group Creative Director Jay Rutlands passion and vision into the brand-new gallery. Here, Haute Living sits down with the entrepreneur to discuss the exciting new opening and what we can expect to see. 

HL: Why did you choose Los Angeles to open your first North American gallery space?

PE: Since Maddox Gallery opened in 2015, the response to the group of Galleries in the U.K. and Switzerland has been overwhelmingly positive, so the natural next step was to establish our British brand in North America. I relocated to L.A. earlier this year and its vibrant art scene is the perfect setting for our young, up-and-coming brand. Our ethos is to break down the barriers within the art world and share our passion for art with people everywhere; we have a loyal client base in Los Angeles so it made sense to bring the brand stateside. 

HL: Tell us about the ‘Best of British’ exhibition. Why did you choose to launch with this?

PE: As a quintessentially British brand, it was important for us to open with an exhibition dedicated to some of the finest British artists dominating the modern and contemporary art scene today as well give a platform to talent who we believe are rising stars. Maddox Gallery is dedicated to showcasing the most exciting artists and we have a keen interest in helping first-time collectors enter the market, as well as sourcing works for our long-time collectors.

HL: How was it curated?

PE: It was important to honor our British roots for our inaugural show. I have been an art-lover since my early teens and my passion has never dwindled; I pursued a degree in Art and was accepted at the world-renowned arts and design college, Central Saint Martins. I am a long-time art collector but as Creative Director of Maddox Gallery Los Angeles, this is my debut as a curator. My goal was to showcase distinctive new voices alongside established names. The exhibition will display works by Brit blue chip and established artists including Damien Hirst, Banksy, Grayson Perry, David Yarrow and Mark Quinn as well as tomorrow’s trailblazers such as Harland Miller, the Connor Brothers, Dan Baldwin and Mark Evans.

HL: Tell us about the space. Why did you choose it for the gallery?

PE: We wanted somewhere situated in the Design District that befits our luxury brand. The unit we found, located at 8811 Beverly Blvd. in West Hollywood, couldn’t be more perfect. It is an achromatic blank canvas which boasts just over 3,000 square feet of bright, spacious and airy floor space and striking vaulted ceilings, all of which create a sophisticated home for our art. I love this part of Los Angeles and I’m delighted we were able to find the right location for our gallery. There is always something happening on Beverly Blvd. and I especially love discovering its pop-up art installations.

Creative Director Petra Ecclestone
Creative Director Petra Ecclestone

Photo Credit: Maddox Gallery

HL: What was the most challenging aspect of designing the space?

PE: It was important to respect the space itself from an architectural point of view, yet still adding our own personal touch to the design aesthetic. My vision for the gallery space is to offer a refined and sophisticated haven for the finest modern and contemporary art in the heart of West Hollywood. I hope it will become a destination where art-lovers—and those who are simply curious about learning more—can gather to peruse some of the finest artworks available today.

HL: What are you most excited to debut with the gallery’s opening?

PE: Our love and passion for art! I am delighted to showcase an array of stunning artwork by some of the hugely talented artists we represent such as fine art photographer, David Yarrow, and rising stars The Connor Brothers and Dan Baldwin.

HL: What do you think has been Maddox Gallery’s key factor in how it’s been able to successfully expand so rapidly in the market over the past three years?

PE: The Maddox Gallery brand has built a reputation for exhibiting cutting-edge work from internationally acclaimed and emerging artists and we are renowned for our irreverent attitude to tradition. We aim to break down the barriers and democratize art as well as nurture the careers of artists we believe in. Ultimately, we have sought to be inclusive and to share our passion with all people, everywhere; I believe this has been the key to our success thus far.

Do you see Maddox expanding to open additional galleries in North America?

Maddox Gallery is a young and dynamic brand with big dreams and ambitions so, who knows? We would love to open more galleries, not only in North America but across the globe. Our first three years have been phenomenally successful, however, we are measured in our plans for growth and our focus at the moment is on establishing our brand stateside, growing our market share as well as focusing on our artists and on continuing to offer our clients the experience of art in a luxury environment.